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seo_tipsBlog is originally known to be an online journal for individuals but has become yet another tool businesses can use to market themselves online. Blogs also known as web logs are not only used for just writing purpose, but as a means of SEO (search engine optimization) which experts use to increase a website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERP).

An interesting thing about blogging is that anybody can blog as far as you have the ability to handle mouse because it has different niches whereby you are not limited to any niche but free to do any niche of your choice, although it is an added advantage if the blogger acquire some basic skills.

Bloggers drive joy in writing and publishing their thought and feeling for free and being paid for publishing your thought is the most joyful aspect of it.

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These are some basic tips you need to know as a blogger in order to be ranked high in search engine:

Tip Number One
Stick To One Theme. Find a theme that suit your area of interest and stick to it, tie all your articles together all through your writing period.

Tip Number Two
Choose a domain name related to the niche even it is paid or free blog site. This will help the search engine to rank your blog high.
Your title is another factor you need to consider before posting your article. Also choose a category that is highly related to the theme and keywords, this will surely make your blog rich in keyword and help in SERPs.

Tip Number Three
Maintain healthy outside links. That is link your blog to other related blogs and at the same time allows them to link-back your blog; this will give you great advantage in ranking.
Do not forget to read other related blogs and leave your comments with your links embedded in your comments for this will increase your chance in SEO.

Tip Number Four
Keep it flowing: Since search engine loves fresh post, so to maintain the trend keep updating your blog on a regular basis to boost your chances of being raked high.
These are just some tips on ranking high in SEO as a blogger as you move along, you will find other tips that will push you up in the SERPs. Although you will not expect to jump to the first page immediately you started, it can span up to weeks but consistency is the key to success.

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