7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Website Ranking Through Content

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Website Ranking Through Content

Content marketing has become a powerful tool in marketing. Today, content marketing has evolved to become one of the most powerful ways in which companies and brands are using to reach more users. In fact, a quick search of content marketing keyword on Google presents more than 3 billion results. Further, the number of companies that are hiring for content strategy are increasing. Therefore, this article will explain a few ways you can help boost the performance of your website through content.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

A common mistake we see many companies that are transitioning to content marketing is focusing on the quantity of content they produce. As such, we see them publishing more than 2 articles every day. While there are some merits for this, we believe that it is the wrong approach. Instead of writing too much content, you should instead focus on producing less content that is of a good quality. For example, you can publish one article per week that goes into details.

Focus on Original Content

Another mistake that we see with many companies is that they use other companies’ content. This is known as plagiarism and is one of the worst strategies of using content marketing. The reality is that Google hates plagiarism. As such, copying other people’s content will actually do the opposite of what you want to achieve. Instead of being ranked high on Google, copying content will help demote your website. Therefore, you should always take time and come up with original content that your users cannot find anywhere else.

Answer Your Readers Questions

The goal of all the content that you produce should be to answer questions that your audience might have. This is because most people use the internet to ask questions. Therefore, it is recommended that you do the best that you can to answer all the questions that your readers might have. A good way to do this to achieve this is to use Google’s suggestions. For example, if you search for a keyword like how to rank high on Google, you will see the following suggestions. Answering these questions can help you attract more viewers.

7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Website Ranking Through Content

Grammar Of the Content

Reading poorly-written content is one of the worst experiences that you can go through. As such, you will lose your readers if you don’t insist on having high quality content. We understand that English might not be your first language. Therefore, a simple way to go about this is to hire an editor, who will proofread your content and make the necessary changes. To do this, you can use websites like Fiverr and Upwork to find people to do this for you.

Make it Short

The reality is that most people don’t like to read. In fact, research finds that people just skim through the article. Therefore, you should always make your content short and informative. A good way to do this is to insist that your content should have a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1,500 words. To ensure that this happens, you should incorporate bullet points in the articles. Also, we recommend that you have a summary of all the articles that you do and a clickable table of content.

Make Your Article Sharable

Today, you will generate most traffic of your content from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Not all content is sharable in nature. Ideally, people will share content that is informational. The topic too should be catchy. Therefore, you should always ensure that you incorporate the social media aspect in all the articles that you do.

Further, you should ensure that the title of all your content has the keyword you are targeting. This will help Google crawlers to find it. The same focus keyword should be repeated a couple of times in times. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing, which will make the content be downgraded by Google.

Incorporate Graphics

As mentioned, most people don’t like to read long stuff. They mostly prefer seeing interactive materials. Therefore, you should always ensure that there are images, infographics, and videos in all the articles that you do. These graphics should be original in nature. They should also have the alt and descriptions that will help them rank high on Google.


Content is one of the most important things that you can do to improve the SEO and reach of your website. SEO San Jose has one of the most established SEO practices. As mentioned, the industry is seeing increased growth and it will always remain like that. Therefore, using these tips will help you improve the rankings of your website and the brand of your company.

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