All You Need to Know When Claiming ULIPs


Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is life insurance that offers the policyholder dual benefits of life insurance and investment. During its tenure, if the policyholder loses their life, the nominee receives the death benefit. The death benefit can…

Our Guide to Plumber Rates in London


Plumbers are important tradespeople. Without the availability of high quality plumbers, a lot of homes would be left without functioning appliances. Plumbers will attend to a range of issues in the home, including blocked drains and toilets, fixing…

Secured vs unsecured line of credit: How are they different

Line of Credit

What does a line of credit mean? A line of credit is akin to a loan but is open-ended and flexible. A line of credit issued by a financial institution is a fixed amount of borrowed money and…

Email marketing strategy for SaaS (SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE) company?

Email marketing strategy for SaaS

Email marketing is a crucial digital platform for SaaS companies as it helps to cover the whole customer journey with one-to-one interactions.   From email list building, lead nurturing, to customer retention and support, email continues to be the…

What is the closing cost for buyers and sellers?

closing cost for buyers and sellers

Regardless of whether you’re in the market to buy a home or sell one, the process of doing either can be quite confusing. Of course, you can use a mortgage affordability calculator to determine overall costs, but the paperwork…

How to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 Board Exams?

CBSE Class 12 Board Exams

Class 12 is a crucial step in student life. After passing class 12, students’ school life gets completed, and then they enter into college life. Whatever they learn till class 12 helps them ahead in their studies as…

7 Best Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Valentines day gifts for wife

Valentine’s Day gifts are the best way to express your feelings and emotions much better than words and actions. And there is no better day to show the love of your life how much she means to you….

Valentines Day: The Importance For Planning Ahead of Time

Valentines Day Gifts

Couples of all generations globally celebrate Valentine’s day.  It seems like a walk in the park to make the moment romantic and memorable. But, not as such, the same odds of having a tail, or head plays their…

5 SEO Mistakes That’ll Hurt Your Search Engine Ranking

SEO strategy

A well-executed SEO strategy will have you on top of the competition in terms of ranking, boosting your online visibility, and growing your brand in the long run. However, simple errors during your SEO implementation can significantly jeopardize…

8 Most Beautiful Capital Of The World

8 Most Beautiful Capital Of The World

One of the best ways to achieve tranquillity and solitude lies amidst nature. Being in the arms of mountains or by the beach-side never fails to amaze anybody. Nature holds the beauty that’s irreplaceable and in various forms…