6 Ways to Deliver Excellent Customer Service using Retail Digital Solutions

Today, for any business, excellent customer service is fundamental. There is no denying that online shopping is rapidly evolving at a fast pace. According to Statista, in 2022, global retail e-Commerce revenue is estimated to hit $6.54 trillion. In the social media era, bad news travels faster than good news. People usually share their bad customer experiences on social media while some share their experience about their excellent customer experience. Statista quoted, "there is no longer a product or category that has no place on the online platform, and record-breaking numbers are seen in online marketplaces." For example, every month, 206 million people visit Amazon applications all over the world. What is E-Commerce Customer Service? E-Commerce customer service is the method in which online businesses provide assistance, including tackling online purchasing decisions to solve problems of the customers. This methodology also helps the company to know what their customers think about the products and services. Besides, it also helps companies to solve the grievances of their customers. E-Commerce customer service is not just advantageous, but instead essential for success. According to Microsoft, 95% of consumers, customer satisfaction is the key to brand loyalty. Existing customers have expectations from the companies. Although fewer customers may be having issues, more customers than ever before are indented to complain over customer service issues. Today’s generation is ready to pay 21% more to e-Commerce websites that provide customer service. Let us go through a few best practices for efficient e-Commerce customer service: 1. Get Organized: One of the critical components of an effective and successful customer service department is getting organized. You have to monitor customer conversions and equip your customer service team with resources to help them keep everyone to maintain decorum. Make sure to use collision detection. Additionally, for repeated questions, use a shared inbox or saved responses. These methods will allow your customer service team to resolve customers' requests in an organized and effective way. 2. Meet Customer’s Demanding Expectations: Customers expect a customized strategy in e-Commerce that makes them feel extraordinary. Today, different organizations need to interact with their customers to become better acquainted with their expectations and develop strategies according to them. Some customers want to speak with customer service representatives, while others are interested in live chat or emails, and some converse via tweet. As per Microsoft, 66% of consumers have used at least three different communication channels to contact customer service. You must represent customers according to their preferred medium of contact. If you need to reach and surpass the expectations of customers, you can set up a durable multi-channel customer service technique. 3. Use CRM Platforms: You can streamline your workforce measures using CRM platforms if you need to overcome customer dissatisfaction. This approach will continue to ensure that everybody is on the same wavelength, which is critical in building high customer service standards. Below are some of the advantages of using a CRM platform: a. Provides useful information about your customers that can enable you to identify their needs, sell more effortlessly, and give each customer a personalized experience. b. Improves customer experience and satisfaction, allowing you to establish strong customer relationships. c. Enables your sales and service teams to work more dedicatedly. d. Your customers are granted access to what has been ensured, which increases customer loyalty. e. On various platforms such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, most CRM stages are accessible. So you can help your customers anytime from any place globally. 4. Leverage Multi-Channel Servicing: Nobody can argue that the vast majority choose to buy from brands that have quality customer service through multiple channels, which is why omnichannel connectivity solutions continue to be offered by brands. You can enable clients to switch between multiple channels while also enjoying the quality service. This method will boost the reputation and credibility of your brand. Follow the below procedures that will help you provide your customers with outstanding multi-channel service. a. Mobile Devices: People expect something extraordinary when they're browsing on their mobile devices. You need to make sure the customer service and support are mobile-based in order to meet their requirements. b. Social Media: Numerous customers are shifting to social networks, particularly Facebook and Twitter for customer queries and complaints. To solve any conflicts between you and your customers, you can use social media intensity and provide your customers with viable solutions. 5. Enable Self-Service: Self-service is one of e-Commerce customer service's most underestimated methods. Also, a self-service support platform has been used by 77% of customers. According to Forrester, customers favor platforms which provide valuable information about the products and services. You can create and publish customer responses with the aid of a knowledge base and reduce the amount of customer service work by at least 20%. During high-volume expansions or when customers search for fast responses, you can use live chat to keep up with requests. Remember, whatever makes customers find their responses will impact your revenue. 6. Stand Out from the Crowd Using Personalization: Customers don't just simply require immediate answers to basic questions, but there are times when they are looking for a tailored solution and professional advice. According to Accenture, 33% of customers abandoned a business relationship due to the lack of personalization. Generally, consumers expect a personalized approach, and a report by Segment found that 71% of respondents are frustrated by the negative experience. You need to provide personalized and knowledgeable assistance to be a leader to stand apart from most online businesses. 7. Utilize the Power of Customer Reviews: Customers are more motivated than ever to opt for educated choices in today's modern world. They need to be considered, and the opinions of other customers on products and services need to be received. Besides the way reviews are among the essential elements of buying decisions, they are also an incredible source of thoughts for enhancing customer service ideas. 77% of customers see brands as more positive if their feedback is proactively accepted and acknowledged. Worldwide, 52% of people agree that companies need to take action on their customers' feedback. 8. Boost up Your Response Time: Speed and convenience are a must when it comes to e-Commerce. At any point customers plan to buy online, they consistently expect a quick response and brief replies. It is not enough to permit customers to contact the customer service team using multiple networks. If you need your customer service team to perform well, you have to adjust between speed and convenience. You are on the road to delivering a fully functional, multi-channel customer support strategy at the stage where you are ready to provide customers with a reliable degree of consistency in a brief timeframe through diverse platforms. Conclusion: Nobody can argue that the cornerstone of the retail e-Commerce business is customer service. As consumers demand the perfect online shopping experience, customer service becomes necessary for a competitive e-commerce environment to thrive. Executing the above highly proficient best practices will deliver profits through different parameters. When securing new consumers, this approach will enable you to attract customers and grow their lifetime trust. Suppose you are new to the world of customer service. In that case, you can connect with the best company that provides outstanding IT solutions for Retail Industry, Retail Software Development, Mobile Retail Applications, etc. In the future, it will empower you to retain your existing customers and draw new customers. This strategy will be useful for getting your business above and beyond.

Today, for any business, excellent customer service is fundamental. There is no denying that online shopping is rapidly evolving at a fast pace. According to Statista, in 2022, global retail e-Commerce revenue is estimated to hit $6.54 trillion….



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