Email marketing strategy for SaaS (SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE) company?

Email marketing strategy for SaaS

Email marketing is a crucial digital platform for SaaS companies as it helps to cover the whole customer journey with one-to-one interactions.  

From email list building, lead nurturing, to customer retention and support, email continues to be the channel fueling business growth across the sales funnel.  

Unlike any other email campaign, the one for SaaS companies is different. In this case, you are sending emails to people possessing a profound knowledge about the marketing strategy and tactics you are using.   

Before we get into the strategy that works well for SaaS companies, let us make sure that your email list is ready. If you are still struggling to build your prospect list, here is a quick way to get emails   

How to get emails quickly?  

When you know your prospects and their company domain, you could use an email lookup tool such as to identify the email address format. This tool uses machine learning and big data algorithms to locate the business addresses of professionals.  

I hope you find this tip useful to build the prospect list.    

Now let us look at the email marketing strategies.  

Understand your customer journey & track conversions  

You must try to learn about the touchpoints that took a prospect into the email marketing flow. And then learn about the experience they are more likely to go through with your email campaign.  

At each stage of your customer journey, you need to track the conversion. Besides this, you must track the points that have high drop-off rates too.   

By doing so, you will learn which conversion point has a significant opportunity for growth.     

Automate and scale-up quickly  

With email automation, you could predefine the emails for each type of audience, based on their entry point, conversion point, product version they have enrolled in, etc.  

For instance, to a prospect who has just finished watching an hour-long webinar, you could create a shorter email sequence. While to prospects who signed up for downloading a free case study, you could plan for a long email sequence.  

Does this make sense to you?  

So, once your prospects get into the sales funnel, they would start receiving emails time-to-time based on their actions.  

Your automation system will work around the clock while you focus on other business growth opportunities or enjoy a vacation.  

Make sure you pick the right email automation tool.    

Promotional and informative email mix  

When you keep sending promotional emails to your prospects, there is a high chance of increasing the Unsubscription while with informative emails alone you cannot scale up your revenue.  

Hence, it is essential to have a balance of promotional & informational emails to get the result you want your business to achieve.    

Tell them what’s in it for them.  

Your email may not have an impact on your prospects unless they understand how they could benefit from your product or software.  

When you make them understand how your software is beneficial for the customers could help churn more conversions.    

Besides these practices, you need to work towards creating top-notch content, may incorporate videos in email and many more.     

Final thoughts  

As you saw some of the best email marketing strategies for SaaS companies, now you can apply it for your business to increase the lead flow, convert most of them into paying customers and amplify the revenue from everyone using your product.  

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