How To Increase Website Traffic and Revenue With Voice Search Optimization?

Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic

The world of conducting business online has come a long way. Technology has revolutionized the way the mundane task is conducted by laying its impact on almost every sector. Today it is much easier to perform online searches especially with the inception of voice command.. Not only is it futuristic but also convenient coming as a blessing for the fastidious present-day life we are living.

One cannot deny the fact how the online world has opened a lot of avenues to businesses in marketing their campaigns. Herein, search engine optimization plays an integral role in helping companies rank their pages on the top of the search engines. This thereby allows one to garner more traffic and generating revenue. The latest entrant in search engine optimization is voice search. Voice search is significantly increasing in popularity, considering the plethora of advantages it brings to the table for business growth in this aggressively competitive marketing landscape

So, if you are looking for potential options for increasing website traffic and revenue with voice search optimization, then you are on the right page. In this article, we would be touching on two main points viz:

  • What are the benefits of Voice Search Optimization?
  • Methods for carrying out Voice Search Optimization.

So, let’s begin:

Defining Voice Search is the best manner

The utilization of voice search results is exponentially growing. The delivers output when a person uses voice command instead of typing it on screen. Well, doesn’t that reduce the herculean task of inserting the keywords manually with not getting it right the first time being the biggest problem? As per the statistics, by the year 2020, over 30% of searches online will be carried out without the use of keys. Besides, around 21.4 million of speakers will be taken through smart speakers.

Moreover, with the increasing utilization of applications like smart homes, Alexa of Amazon, and Siri of Apple, the use of Voice search will witness steady growth in the coming days. Since it is used widely in smartphones, it is turning into a potential tool for websites, enabling businesses to make the searches more user-friendly and thereby increasing the overall traffic generated.

Benefits of Voice Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is known as an essential aspect of the present-day digital world. It is a crucial tool that is utilized to rank websites among the top searches of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. However, while before one had to type the keywords manually, the advent of voice search has made it even easier to carry out searches by merely speaking to your smartphone. Now instead of typing keywords, a person can say words like “why,” “how,” “where,” “what,” and raise queries to get prompt answers.

Voice Search Optimization has several benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • It is user-friendly – 

Voice search becomes a valuable tool for people who are disabled or are unable to type at that moment, making it user friendly. All that is needed is for them to type in  their queries by feeding in essential words and can get the answer.

  • It is easy and convenient – 

Customers at large prefer voice search, because it is more comfortable to speak rather than typing the keyword in the search engine platform manually. Moreover, it is time-saving in addition to offering convenience for the public to get the search being carried out fast.

Methods of Carrying out Voice Search Optimization

Although the strategies applied by SEO are almost similar for all kinds of searches, when it comes to voice search, marketers are advised to consider certain other elements as well. These would prove beneficial from the campaign’s point of view, furthering its success.

So, herein we have enlisted the top 8 ways to optimize voice search to welcome more customers to your website and thereby increase your online presence as well as revenue generated through it.

  • Think Locally

After food, clothing, and shelter, smartphones are added as the fourth element that is a staple to our daily routine. We use our mobile phones for almost all reasons. These include searching locations, ordering food, shopping as well as for even looking up options for hangout. As per studies, over 50% of searches lead to customers turns around within a day.

Thus, optimizing your website for voice search should primarily concentrate on using localized long-tail keywords. Add on phrases that include your location. For example, Best cheesecake shops in XYZ locality. This would help rank your website among the top searches locally and thereby boost traffic.

  • Think in terms of conversation

Searches carried out through voice are different from that of keywords fed manually. Voice search options are more inclined towards questions than just a phrase. Thus, when you are optimizing the content for voice search, you need to think from the audience’s point of view as in how they would pose a question about product or services instead of just relying on general keywords.

  • Develop content that is easy to read and quick to understand

Content is the king in the present time, and this is well implied with the number of searches made online. Thus, develop content that is informative, engaging as well as easily understood. Users searching for products or services through voice search merely wish to understand their very core. So, write the content in a manner that is understandable. Use shorter sentences and add on information that is concise and crisp. Additionally, including graphics, images, videos, and c will make the content more impactful and engaging.

  • Keep the answers crisp and short

An important aspect of voice search optimization is how well the answer is constructed for the questions posed. When creating content for voice search that usually includes questions, keep it short and to the point. Enlisting questions that are often asked by the user can make your task easier. This will increase the chances for your website to feature as the voice search result.

  • Ensure your website is responsive

As per studies, over 25% of users who perform voice searches conduct it through mobile phones. This makes it immensely important for the website to be responsive wherein the user can read the answers or the content they are looking for easily on their mobile phone too.

If your website is responsive and a user encounters it through voice search, there are high chances they will go on to explore the website, thereby increasing the traffic.

  • Optimize the content as per featured snippet

A featured snippet is a short answer that appears at the top of the search result. As per studies, over 41% of answers for voice searches come through snippets. It will serve as a great boost for search results and sales.

  • Optimize images and list yourself on My Google Business

Optimize your images with appropriate captions, Meta title tags that are search-friendly. Additionally, create an account on Google My Business (GMB) that is supposed to be a massive advantage for voice search. The information adds more value to local searches, along with increasing traffic to your website.


Voice Search is undoubtedly a big thing on the digital platform in the coming future. This, when combined with SEO, presents a broader platform for reaching out to your target audience in a broader medium without leaving anybody out. When used appropriately, it poses as the perfect stop for optimizing your website, campaigns and generating higher revenue for your business.







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