How to Advertise on Google & Grow Your Business?

Google is trending these days and the approach of advertising on Google, it is equally trending nowadays.

So, here is the deal for you! Check out this exclusive and healthy piece of writing and know how to use this platform of Google for advertising your business.

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How Google Ads Give Visibility to Your Business?

Google Ads

We all know that upon using Google Ads, your business can get instant visibility on this exclusive and giant platform.

In addition, apart from focusing your business website on concepts like content marketing as well as search engine optimization; you need to use Google Ads, this is how you can grow the popularity scale of your business.

Efforts and attempts like that of content marketing and SEO, they are slow in delivering results. But Google can give a strong boost to your business.

With the help of these Google Ads, your business develops the ability and tendency to showcase its particular and specific products.

Most importantly, with this approach, you can display and market your promotions immediately, and as and when needed.

You should set your Google ads based on factors like that of demographics. Search intent, browsing history, and also referral source.

Google Ads is a preferable option because you can easily and conveniently track the performance of your ads.

On the other hand, if utilizing SEO and content marketing techniques, then their performance scale is tough to measure and track.

Advertising on Google Platform- Three Basic Steps or Methods for You:

If you want to advertise on Google, then you can choose among the three methods listed and mentioned-below for you.

Most noteworthy, you can either avail this Google’s basic search network. Or you can advertise your business services on Google Shopping.

Or you can advertise your business products and items on Google’s Display Network

As an example, if you are planning to advertise your product on Google’s basic search network, then in this category you have to create and made text ads.

These ads are going to appear right at the top section or bottom section of your searcher’s results pages.

If utilizing this option and method of Google Shopping ads, then there is a chance that your product ad may get displayed on the main page of search results.

Lastly, in this Google Display network, you place and emboss text-based ads or banner ads.

Furthermore, the Google platform acts in the form of middleman here and it decides on which websites your ads are going to be shown.

What to do After Creating an Ad on Google?

So, once you have created and developed your ad, the next step is to set a bid amount for your ad.

Besides, whenever a searcher is going to make use of a specific keyword, then your ad will gradually enter into a “bidding war” phase.

It is Google’s algorithms that determine this overall amount that is actually bidded. This tool analyzes the quality as well as the relevance of your created ads.

If the quality of your ad is good, then Google’s algorithms will give it a high score.

However, if your ad score is low and you have bid more as compared to your competitors, then that is also fine.


So, do you want to use Google now for growing your business? We think that this is not a bad suggestion and you can go on taking this wise decision.

We hope that Google will give a kick-start punch and a powerful push to your business.

Furthermore, if you want to contribute to this piece of writing, you can freely do so and share with us how Google is helping you in promoting and diversifying as well as expanding and growing your business.

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