7 Ways to Improve the SEO of Your Blog

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The internet is such a fast changing world that it takes a lot to keep up and ensure that you have a stake in there too. With google constantly changing the algorithms, it is keeping everyone on their toes to find new ways to improve their ranking and get traffic to their blog. These are seven helpful ways:

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1. Create Content Others Will Want to Share

When the content on your blog is interesting people will want to read it. Your content needs to be relevant for it to generate an interest. That is the key to making your blog successful and automatically generating more incoming traffic, thereby increasing your rating. There is a lot of garbage and irrelevant content out there. If your content is run of the mill you are not going to make it anywhere.

 2. Distribute Online Press Releases

Writing a press release is a great way to get yourself recognised. When you write a press release that is of value it can be published directly on the website of various news organisations. In your press release you can add backlink to various related content on your blog. This is a great way of driving traffic back home.

3. Write Guest Posts

When you write guest posts on other people’s blogs it helps others to get interested in what your blog has to say, that is if your comment is interesting. You can add your backlink to help drive traffic back to your blog and thereby increase the google ranking of your blog.

4. Integrate social media and add social media sharing options

Integrate the option for your content to be shared on social media. This can be done with a backlink and help to drive traffic back to your blog. When people like to read your content and find it interesting, allow them to share it and soon you will have a whole network of people reading your stuff.

5. Share Content with Relevant Websites

Share your content with other blogs that have similar topics. With that you can add your backlink that will help drive traffic back to your blog from these other blogs.

6. Create a Link Network

If you have a network where you share your links, it helps to get more people interested in visiting your blog when they see your link to a related topic on someone else’s blog. This works wonders at attracting traffic to your blog. Using a feed reader helps. If you write articles based on topics that are in relevance to other blogs, it will help people to visit your blog to see what it is about.

7. Create image tags and name image files with keywords

The images on your blog would be related to your content and google does not analyse images. But what Google it does see is the name of the image file. For example instead of calling your image something like image1, rename it to something interesting like ‘Football star’ or ‘Pele in action’. A little description around the image will be good too.

Some of the Top SEO Software can also help you identify and fix these issues.

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