For web beginners great hosting plans

Careful and smart searching for reliable hosting company and its services is much essential. For startup most of the peoples most likely having financial problems and want best quality hosting services within available amount. Here are some startup tips of webhosting that will help you to find best services of hosting like $1 hosting plan. Web hosting companies provide you various plans like $1 hosting according to user’s need and you can choose suitable web hosting service.

Shared hosting

Plenty of companies are available that provides you shared hosting that can be beneficial for startups in sense of finance. Set up for a high configuration web server is quite not possible for beginners as it is so expensive. So many web hosting companies provide you this facility to share the web space with many other websites. Godaddy, bluehost are some popular companies that come under this category.

Before going to settle for a web hosting company, be assured by careful research about the plans and is It cost effective or not. Once you get high traffic on your website then you may outgrow for better plan.

Generic virtual machines

Generic virtual machines are easily affordable and are available on low price. Rackspace and linode are some name of popular virtual machines.

Data backup

Daily back up of data is essential need. So when you are deciding for a web hosting company first ensure that daily data backup facility is provided or not. Backup of data saves you in emergence situation like suddenly damage in your website affect whole website’s data.

Cloud platform-as-a-service

This option provides you a lot of choices that you can select and go with them. Some of them that are usually accessed are appengine, appfog, heroku, and appharbor. This option provides you great facilities like including a good hardware infrastructure and OS that provide you software stack and maintenance facility also.

Those who want to give up some control on software stack for them this is the best option as a free maintenance tool and time.

Co-located hosting

For co located hosting you will have to buy server and you will have to maintain OS. Here one of the option is you may opt datacenter to put the OS and you will have to pay for maintenance of hardware and providing electricity, cooling, space and internet.

It is highly recommended by the hosting experts that shared hosting with $1 hosting is the best plan and as traffic increase on your site then you may switch for better plan .you can go with any plan of hosting that we have described here and that are best for beginner purpose. But if you want to go with the better deal then you should keep in mind about the software stack and need of your OS

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