Does Server Location Matter?

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The market is growing tremendously and every business owner has an aim to reach on top in search engine. Nowadays, it’s become easy to reach or expand your business in other countries just by setting in your hometown.  With the help of the server, you can target different locations for your business.  For e.g., your website is based in India, you can market your product in the USA and simultaneously, host your website in India.   A web hosting has become a very dynamic industry because of digitization.

web hosting providers india

The most important thing you are required to know is the location of the hosting server and select the location as per your requirement. As they play an important role in the quality of its distribution.

Most of the business owners, fail to know the importance of server location and they restrict themselves to host their website in other countries.  However, in this article, you will get to know why server location plays an important role in hosting industry.

Cost and Support:-

One of the biggest advantages that you get while hosting your website overseas is lower priced. However, most of the business owner believed that low price means lower quality service.  Generally, you should not focus on the lowest price factor because you cannot judge the competency of the provider on the basis of price. For e.g., if you are hosting a website on Indian server or any other location then you will get all types of pricing list from Indian provider. In case, you get lower cost from an Indian provider or any other provider, then it doesn’t mean that they are offering a cheap service.  The reason behind offering lower prices is the overall low cost of operations.

The only difference you get in hosting service is the type of customer support you will be offered at the low cost. With the growing competition in the hosting industry, it is your responsibility to check the experience they hold in respected fields and support hours as per the different time zone.  Apart from this, also check the languages they are offering while assisting and way of talking, etc. Check the proper language of communicating especially if you are not speaking English.

Google rankings vary for different countries:-

If your website is hosted in India then there are the chances that your website will rank on top in search engine, if someone searches for your domain in india. If you compare the search result of the USA and UK then you will notice that rankings are getting affected. In short, you are aware that SERP ranking affects the traffic, therefore, it is essential to check the targeted audiences before selecting the server locations. It is always suggested to host the website in a country from where you are expecting potential customers or area you are looking to target.

A fast loading website is must:-

Users who are browsing your website in the same country where your server is hosted will experience a better website performance. But the opposite is going to happen if users are browsing your website from another country where your website is not hosted. However, the slow speed website may affect your income and traffic by taking away your potential customers.  To avoid such situations, you need to focus on server location while selecting the target audience. Additionally, it is suggested to use a CDN if you are looking to expand your reach so that most of the users will visit your website.

By concluding, I assume that above-mentioned points will help you know why server location is important and how it affects your website and rankings.  The only thing you are required to do is select the Windows hosting reseller packages if you are looking to target other locations.

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