4 Secrets of Unlimited Web Hosting

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‘Hosting’ is the ultimate need of any person involved with online services such as Website, Blogging or Online Shopping portal. Searching for a perfect web host is a great deal of task. When it comes to the searching for a Web Host, you might have come across the term ‘Unlimited Shared Hosting’. This term would have brought a shine in your eyes, how in the world could someone provide you with unlimited resources. The truth is nothing in this world is ‘Unlimited’. There are always some hidden aspects of such deals.

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Here in this article, we would divulge some of the secrets of Unlimited Web Hosting-

  1. Overselling- As the large corporations and Websites use dedicated servers, their consumption is fulfilled by their dedicated servers. Shared Web Hosting users are generally small companies and Website owners who don’t utilise much of the resources. Now as the majority of users don’t use the resources completely, this allows the company to sell the single server to numerous other customers. This practise is known as Overselling.
  2. Terms and Conditions associated- There are always some Terms and Conditions associated with usage of such Unlimited Hosting Plans. Terms such as Limited CPU Usage limit, Inode limit, among other are always present in the terms and conditions of the plan.
  3. Inode Limit- Unlimited Web Hosting services usually come with protective clause against Inodes. In general usage, the inodes wouldn’t be used too much, however several hosting provider limit the inodes usages at several thousands, which is low when seen with the ‘Unlimited tag’. However there are some companies which provide an upper limit when it comes to the usage of inodes which could be more than enough for the general usage.
  4. Unlimited Email Account and FTP- When it comes to hosting Email or FTP account, it doesn’t matter whether you are hosting 1,5 or 50 Accounts, as long as the server is free from excessive load. The load to the server is created when numerous connections are established or rapid transfer of small files is created. So providing unlimited Email Account or FTP Host isn’t a big deal to shed loads of money.

What should you do?

There is no harm in buying a unlimited hosting as long as you believe in buying one for your usage, however it would be wise to do research on certain parameters to choose a ‘Quality Unlimited Web Host’.

There could be two ways to choose the ideal web host for you usage-

  1. Choosing a popular web host and based on its trial usage opting for the same. If you feel unsatisfied, opting for some else.
  2. Based on the real and genuine reviews opting for a company which has gained significant reputation among the existing Web Host customers. Researching the internet and finding about the features promised and quality of their services.

So these are some of the ways through which you could understand about the Unlimited Web Hosting and their services promised.

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