Finding Suitable Windows VPS Hosting for Forex Traders

Windows VPS Hosting for Forex Traders

Forex trading is a very popular trading option for online traders. As it is related to foreign exchange trade, the duration of scope of transaction is spread round the clock. In fact, trades take place very quickly, sometimes the time difference between trades is not even a second. Hence, downtime of slowness of transaction may cost money for the trader. This is the reason why credible hosting solution is required for fast trading on foreign exchange. Though dedicated servers can be a solution, they are too costly. This is where the importance o VPS solutions emerge.

Windows VPS Hosting for Forex Traders

Windows VPS hosting has become the preferred solution in Forex trading community because of two reasons. While one reason is the dedicated virtual servers available, the other is the facility of running Windows specific applications in the VPS. Before going into more details, it’s important to know the specific server needs associated with Forex trading. While choosing a VPS hosting solution, it must be kept in mind that there should practically be no downtime or crashing of website or the trading terminal. In such a case, it may lead to interruption in Forex trading and also cause huge monetary loss for the traders. Let’s now check out the different virtualisation technologies available currently.
Virtualization Technology Types Available

Currently there are two kinds of virtualization technologies available:

  1. The first one is by Parallels Company, whose offering is known as Virtuozzo. When it comes to Windows VPS hosting, this is the solution that is used by 95 per cent of the market. It consists software layer virtualization. However, there is one problem regarding this and it is the non-dedicated nature. This non-dedicated hosting nature makes most hosting company to oversell the server. If you are serious about launching Forex trading business and earn money out of it, it is recommended to avoid this technology. The usual practice that has been seen in this kind of Windows VPS hosting solution is that a hosting company receives a server having 8GB RAM but sells hundreds of virtual spaces to customers with 32GB total RAM.
  2. The second technological solution is the preferred one when it comes to running Forex trading platform. It is known as Hyper-V from Microsoft. This is a hardware layer virtualization and was introduced only in Windows Server 2008. If you want to launch your Forex trading business, choosing Hyper-V will be the prudent solution in case you are looking for Windows VPS hosting solution. However, it must be said here that Hyper-V is costlier than Virtuozzo.


Connecting to Windows VPS

For remotely connecting to Windows VPS, software named “Remote Desktop Connection” is needed. This software is available with all the Windows versions. You can find it within Communications, which is again located within Accessories of All Programs. In case of windows Vista, the software is located under Accessories itself of All programs.
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