The Features and Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

If we are going to talk about dedicated servers, we have to start remembering what it is. A Dedicated Server is one that is exclusive to be used by a single client, unlike shared servers, which are responsible for segmented by accounts so that different users have access to it. Not only do they share the server, but also the same IP and processing hardware. Regarding the differences of a dedicated server, we could say that this is one of the main ones, because in a dedicated server for a client, this will have the possibility of using each and every one of the resources that the server offers or has available.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

Features of Using Dedicated Servers

  • Intensive Use: one of the most outstanding features of Dedicated Servers is that, regardless of the number of processes or applications with which the client is working, it will always be stable.
  • Private and Secure Environment: another of the most important characteristics that define this type of web servers is that, being a physical machine whose storage space is for the exclusive use of the client, it has a completely secure private environment.


Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

To start in the world of the Internet and the creation of websites, a shared server is ideal. However, remember that if your project has a certain level of seriousness and you start with a lot of force, you will surely get a lot of visits and that is when we can highlight the benefits that a Dedicated Server gives us.

  • Greater Security: when we use a shared server we will be working with the security provided by the provider. This can be somewhat complicated, because if the provider has not configured correctly the permissions and accesses, possibly other users can see what we have stored and in the worst case modify or inject code. Obviously this with a dedicated server does not happen, because it is only us who will be there, so it will not matter if the permissions and accesses are not placed in the correct way, anyway, only you will have access to everything.
  • Intensive Use: for us, the main benefit of using a dedicated server is that regardless of the number of processes or applications that need to be executed, we will always be stable. Unlike working on a shared server, in this case the resources are divided among the number of users and if a user locks the server, all those who are housed in it, will be practically incommunicado. However, when we are working inside a Dedicated Server, both the disk space and the intensive consumption of CPU cycles will be ours alone.
  • Install Applications from Server: as a benefit for administrators’ management experts, we certainly find the possibility of installing applications on the server. Although, in a shared server, we are allowed to install some CGI or ASP applications that can be stored within our space provided by the provider.

Definitely, dedicated Servers are the best option for those who require a large amount of resources, disk space and web hosting processing. That’s why now you know what are the features and advantages of a Windows Dedicated Server. If you are about to use a dedicated server, it is probably because you have a big project in mind, analyze the specifications of your server, the type of server dedicated and the price that is offered.

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