Perks of Leave Management Software: Easing Lives of HR


It is certainly daunting and taxing for HR personnel to manage attendance and leaves of employees manually whilst ensuring to adhere to company’s leave policy.Adding to the grievances of HR personnel is managing and addressing all those leave requests coming in from employees.


Now, imagine a scenario where you can approve or reject leave requests with just a few clicks. Sounds good, isn’t it? Yes, this is very much possible with an online and cloud based payroll software, since it automates the entire attendance tracking process eventually saving you from all the hassles of processing the same manually. Also, it brings in the much-needed transparency.

Here is a rundown on some of the prominent benefits of having a cloud based leave management system.

  • Accurate Leave Information at your Fingertips

With a cloud based leave and attendance management system, managers and HR personnel get instant access to precise information pertaining to an employee’s leaves, balance leave, leave trends, etc. Since all the data is stacked on cloud servers, instant access to data is not a hindrance even when on the run. This shuns the manual and tiring task of flipping through heaps of files and spreadsheets saving great deal of time and efforts. What more, pay slip generation is just a click away!Did I mention improved productivity!

  • Compliance to Company’s Leave Policy

An online leave and attendance management system when customized per the company’s leave policy ensures total compliance with the policy, since the system automates the entire process leaving no room for errors and discrepancies, or qualms whatsoever. No more favoritism when approving or rejecting leave requests. Further, the system takes care of leave policy awareness for all the employees, who can refer the same when applying for leaves.

  • Check Employee Visibility at Keystroke

For managers and project leaders, it is extremely crucial to know the availability of their team members. Cloud based leave management software empowers leaders and managers to check on the availability of employees at the click of a button. No need to buzz the HR department to learn about availability of employees anymore.

  • Transparency like never before

With the entire employee leave data available online, the entire leave management process becomes transparent. On the other hand, employee self service portal allows employees to check their leave history, leave balances and approved/rejected leaves. Thus, the entire leave rejection and approval process turns transparent like never before.

  • Adherence to Labor Laws

Every country has specific laws to govern employee leaves. Further, it is equally important for employers to abide by these laws. Failing to comply by these laws might invite liability damages for a company. Nevertheless, businesses can now avert these problems by implementing cloud based payroll software to address the leave management processes.

These aforementioned advantages are few prominent reasons why an increasing number of businesses especially SMBs and start-ups are embracing cloud based attendance and leave management solutions. Time to bid farewell to the cumbersome spreadsheet management, since online payroll software saves money and time compared to legacy and traditional systems.


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Anwar Shaikh writes about business management software that include CRM, ERP and Payroll software in India. A self-made and reared up writer, Anwar writes for Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of enterprise management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

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