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SMPP Gateway Software

Indeed, educational institutions occupy a prominent place in society as they are framing our nation’s future. They are nurturing a generation which will eventually define nation’s vision. With this big object, educational institutions are in huge need to establish effective communication channels. Message marketing has emerged as one such effective channel which facilitates easy and large dissemination of your business information.
SMPP Gateway Software
Effective SMS marketing enables an educational institution to reach out students and parents with the right information at the right time. All the necessary information like admission alerts, exam schedules, scholarship notifications, meeting invites, in-house institutional activities, counseling & placement sessions, etc. can be disseminated fast and timely via message marketing services. Besides, you can build very positive perceptions of your brand in the eyes of public using planned message marketing strategy.

Take a look at the following points that how can you build a well-informed community of students, teachers & parents using SMPP Gateway Software:

Utilize admission season effectively

SMS marketing serves as an ideal tool to promote admissions. You can grab the attention of students & parents at-large by showcasing your achievements, USP’s, course details, how to apply, prospects of completing the course from your institution, etc. Such messages can be sent fast and easily via Msgclub advanced customized solution.

Facilitates two-way communication

Message marketing campaign enables you to establish two-way communication with your audience. It allows students and parents to ask their queries or seek information via SMS. You can strengthen communication with students and parents where you can give them automated responses along with necessary information brochure.

Make students and parents up-to-date instantly
Right from classroom assignments to the detail of any competition or activity and to exam scores, you have an opportunity to share this crucial information to students as well as parents at large in a fraction of seconds via SMPP Gateway Open Source. Such exercise will not only serve as an effective information dissemination tool but will also serve as a medium to update students and parents with all the necessary information.


Strengthen internal communication
Bulk message service also gives you substantial opportunity to strengthen internal communication where your teaching staff and other office personnel can be informed with emergency updates, meeting details, event details, classroom activities, etc. Moreover, the staff can further be made updated with areas they need improvement to enhance the quality education standard of the institution.

Establishes en rapport with the students and parents

Message marketing tools give you an opportunity to establish a special bond with your students and parents. You can send birthday greetings, due fee reminders, attendance alerts, appreciation messages, etc. to students and parents by simply integrating your database with Msgclub customized gateway.

Go paperless; Send mobile tickets

Various activities take place during an academic year like counseling, seminars, workshops, farewell, alumni meet, etc.where it becomes quite tedious to manage the ticketing process. Printing tickets can be a costly exercise too. Bulk message service offers the best solution here by providing mobile tickets where scanning of tickets can be done easily on the mobile phone.

Above points clearly depicts that message marketing service is a very effective tool for all the educational institutions irrespective of their sizes and no. of students.

Msgclub, an Indore based company has been providing bulk message services with the impeccable quality for many years. Msgclub has prepared various customized message marketing solutions after going through a holistic preparation and always determined to give its clients a very delightful experience.

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