Logistics App Development Cost in 2022

Logistics App Development Cost

The era of high technology intrudes into all areas of our life. Logistics is no exception from the list, so you can increase the efficiency of your logistics department or create a unique tool for your logistics business by getting software that is tailored to your needs.

What Is Logistics App Development and What Stages It Consists Of

When you need a solution to keep your logistics activities OK, it is the best idea to apply for a logistics app development company’s services. In that case, pros are engaged in the process of development, and you can get from their skills and expertise 100% efficiency. Besides, professional logistics app developers know exactly the main features your application or software should have.

For logistics, there are several of them that are a must for all types of software products including the following:

  • Tracking option to keep an eye on your fleet or your delivery department’s vehicles.
  • Integration with CRM you use for business processes or even the development of logistics CRM as-is.
  • Communication with customers who use your logistics services.
  • Cost optimization as the main intention of each software product is to reduce costs and time expenses by automation.

Logistics App Development Cost in 2022

When you need to calculate the costs for a logistics app development, there are several features you need to take into account.

  • The work of a team as logistics app development requires the services of developers, UX/UI designers, QA specialists, analytics, and PM services.
  • Be ready to pay hourly as in most IT agencies, application development rates are counted per hour of work.
  • Choose the type of application and its functions that should be present in the product.

To make you clear about the cost of logistics app development, take an average cost of all the processes starting from $40,000. It is the price for 1,110 hours of work by a skilled team calculated with an average rate of $30 per hour which is common for Eastern European developers. When you order the same product in the US or Australia, the rate will be three times higher. So, the price depends also on the team you engage.

Samples of Logistics Apps That Are Actual in 2022

In RexSoft, the scope of logistics products developed since the very start of the company’s work is considerable. There are several examples of such applications or software projects performed by the company’s teams.

  • Moving business CRM iMover that helps in planning and implementation of all the moving routines and provides customers’ interaction with the service provider. This project was custom developed to fit perfectly the needs of a customer and to allow movers to get all the details and calculations of each order.
  • Logistics app Brocars helps to connect customers who need their vehicle to be transported with managers and truck drivers who are responsible for the performing of the service. That app provides a full cycle of documentary flow as well as communication between the customer and the company’s employees and between the company’s staff.
  • E-Scooter rental application C24 was designed using logistics app development features. This app allowed a business owner to run a scooter rental business from scratch.

All these examples show you the essence of logistics apps and the importance of choosing the most reliable developer to delegate all the tasks. It is quite easy to get the software you need from RexSoft as logistics app development is one of the company’s most developed working areas.

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