5 Commonly Overlooked Mobile App Design Mistakes To Avoid


Mobile App’s are now an epitome of modern technology. Anything, which seems difficult or impossible earlier, has only become possible, but are available and operates in the best possible way. Gone are those days, when we need to come out on the streets, raising our hand to indicate the taxi driver, in order to book the ride. Now it’s all just away from a single click on your related mobile app. We tended to go the banks, to manage our concerns regarding the money transactions, but thanks to the mobile app technology, it is also destitute of our single click on our smartphone. Moreover, we finally get rid of hand to hand to payments method and transactions as we finally move to the mobile app that will pay our dues by scanning QR code.

5 Commonly Overlooked Mobile App Design Mistakes To Avoid

Indeed, Mobile Application has brought a revolution in smartphone history and technology industries, where everyone valued their products incomplete, without the role of the mobile application. But as we all know the great saying “that great power comes with great responsibility”, the same applies in the context of mobile app “that great mobile becomes with great app design”. In the core of your app’s success lies the great difference between a good UX and a bad one. In case you don’t know, the term UX design stands for User Experience. It’s as simple as that. You might have a great idea for app development along with a great plan for your startup, or you might already own a popular website and may now need to create an application based on it. Remember, even your revolutionary idea would be in vain if you overlook the importance of UI/UX design to make your app great. All in all, the advantages of development and your revolutionary idea based startup you’re coming doesn’t matter at all if you have made a few mistakes in your UX mobile design.

So what’s then??? Let’s see what commonly overlooked mistakes you should avoid when designing a mobile app:

Too much on the screen

The number one factor that will keep users away from your app is that you will have too much going on the screen. It could be form fields having spread all over the interface, or the massive functionalities, that makes your app user confused every time he turns on your app. Furthermore, when from the very first second’s someone has opened your app, the user finds themselves attacked the countless amounts of ads popping up after each tap, that are waiting for him or her to welcome. If this is happening even with the different permission settings, notifications or sudden unwanted window opening, this is also very dangerous for your app user experience as it can really make your app user switch off your application way before he gets to know about the purpose of your app and the core of its functions.

Command over the number of ads

It is obvious that anyone releasing the mobile app wants to earn from it, or create the ways to earn. And of course, without denying the importance and contribution of having ads in your app, one must watch out the continuous appearing of ads. Although, having ads in the app enables you to get profit from it without charging money for the download. Again, there is no doubt that ads are vital. But be careful, that you don’t put your ads in such inappropriate places when it’s preventing your user to deal with the functionalities of this app, or when it’s blocking the important features of your app or when it’s very inconvenient for your users. Many startups make such mistakes in order to gain huge profit in less time for their business, neglecting the fact that they’re approaching the very short term approach.

Bad Navigation

When it comes to the top common User Experience mistakes, there is one that stands out among the others. There are many applications that got the best features inside them, but once the users turn on to their app, they find it no interactive and fails to understand its purpose. This could also be possible when the app is originally developed based on the website’s design and it wasn’t optimized for smartphones.

Leave a space for betterment

The word final doesn’t exist in the development industry, especially when the surroundings are changing rapidly. So you should provide the users with all the necessary contact information so that they could send their feedback to you and can help you in constantly improving your product. On the contrary, there are few mistakes you should avoid as well, for an instance: missing contact information or putting it somewhere where it is hard to find etc.

Overlook the competitors

This cause is a little bit tricky. There is no doubt about the fact of implementing the original features which will prove genuinely a good idea. But still, it can be rational to base your app development on the experience of your competitors. Nevertheless, taking too much from your competitors’ product may lead to you step on the slippery lead.

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