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Penetration Testing

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With companies around the world digitizing their business processes and operations, they tend to underestimate the risks associated with the new technology. One of the biggest risks is hackers taking advantage of a vulnerability that exists within a company’s IT infrastructure. The possibility that hackers might take complete control of the IT infrastructure is highly likely once they get entry into the internal network. In order to mitigate the risk of any security incident and also avoid the cost of a cyber attack, it is pivotal to detect, prevent, respond, and recover from these attacks. It becomes easy to prevent several attacks by ensuring all the known software vulnerabilities are remediated. Also, performing regular security and social engineering assessments helps in identifying possible unknown vulnerabilities. However, even after incorporating all the above-mentioned techniques, still, we can never get a complete guarantee that a system will stay forever secure. A proper procedure needs to be followed for detecting, responding, and recovering from incidents.

Here, we will discuss the importance of penetration testing on the IT infrastructure and how it prevents various nasty incidents from happening.

  • Maintains Confidentiality and Rapport

Failing to protect the confidentiality of the data leads to legal consequences. This further dents the goodwill and rapport. A security attack impacts the accounting records and hampers the revenue of a company. Along with helping enterprises to discover the time taken for an attacker to breach the system, penetration testing as a service also helps companies to prepare their security teams to remediate the threat.

  • Secures the Infrastructure

The security of the company’s data is really important. However, there is a constant risk of being attacked. Whether an employee leaks confidential information or hackers attack the infrastructure, it’s important to be prepared. Having a secure infrastructure is really crucial for any company. There are several ways for testing a security infrastructure and one of the common ways is definitely penetration testing. A penetration test maps out any potential security gaps before an attack occurs. This testing is really helpful in finding out all the weak spots in the network or the application which can be easily exploited by a cyber-criminal.

  • Protects the Reputation

For any company, there is nothing more important than its reputation and customer trust. Even a small piece of news about a data leak can destroy the whole reputation of a company that took decades to build. When a data breach is announced publicly, it can severely hit customer confidence leading to a loss of revenue and profit. Also, it has a negative impact on the share price of the company and investors will refrain from investing.

  • Risk Assessment

The IT infrastructure of a business is quite crucial. It can prove quite costly if the IT infrastructure gets disrupted for even a day. Analyzing this cost enables a company owner to perform a risk assessment. It uncovers all the different types of risks that a company is exposed to and its consequences. The risk assessment can either be done by an individual or an expert can be hired to conduct an independent risk assessment. The outcome of the risk assessment provides a set of prioritized objectives that are required in order to keep a company secure. This makes penetration testing one of the prime objectives for a company.

  • Helps Adhere to Regulations and Compliance

While conducting the risk assessment, a company owner will be assessing the impact of non-compliance to some laws and regulations if penetration testing is not performed on your products. Not complying with regulations can lead to a hefty fine and make a company lose its license to operate. In some cases, the company owner can get jail time as well. Therefore, it is necessary to seek legal counsel for assessing the local laws and regulations and making sure that the company complies with those regulations.

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