Does your site need a blog, and how to maintain it correctly?

your site need a blog

With the development of artificial intelligence and the constant improvement of Internet algorithms based on it, the idea has gained popularity that texts on the World Wide Web are now written not for people but for search scripts. Does this mean that a blog on your site is needed only for Google spiders, and the human factor can not be considered?

Three sources and three components of consumerism

Any experienced expert on creating and promoting successful sites, in particular, developers of SECL, will explain that any resource’s popularity and high Internet rating are based on two interconnected components: competent SEO and unique content. There is a saying among IT specialists: content without promotion and promotion without content is equally nonsensical.

This is obvious: without correctly organized promotion of your site, no one will know about the publications posted on it. And the web resource on which the best optimization of algorithms for search engines has been carried out will not be able to attract and keep a visitor if he can’t find anything interesting here.

So, with two mandatory components of success – SEO and content – everything is clear. But what is the name of the third of the elephants on whose back any successful website rests, providing its owner with permanent high conversion and visitors – benefit and pleasure? This is Precise Targeting. Suppose you thoroughly imagine the target audience of your resource. In that case, you know their interests, needs, and expectations, and you know how to give them exactly what they need. You can consider this an indefinite pass to the first page of any search results.

So why do you need a blog on the website if it is not a news aggregator or an entertaining resource?

Let’s look at a few obvious and tangible benefits that a regularly updated blog with unique information from the point of view of search engines brings to the marketplace. Although all of the above, with certain amendments to niche specificity, also applies to any other web resource.

  • You provide additional traffic for your site, thereby sharply expanding the sales funnel. On the one hand, the keywords competently integrated into the text increase the attractiveness of such a resource for search algorithms. On the other hand, helpful, well-written, and visually attractive content provides an influx of visitors to your pages. Moreover, such publications encourage your users to share them on social networks, thus turning them into highly motivated trading agents of your store.
  • The formation of a loyal audience and its constant expansion. This point is closely connected with the previous one. Suppose visitors regularly find exciting and useful information on your site. In that case, they are guaranteed to add your site to their bookmarks and will gratefully visit it, even if they do not intend to make a purchase right now. According to research by MasterCard, about 75 percent of buyers prefer to make purchases in the stores they already know. At the same time, 83 percent of the respondents decide to spend money only after a comprehensive study of future purchases. Our third point logically follows from this figure.
  • The formation of an expert position. If potential buyers know that in your blog, they can always find competent and objective information on the issue of interest, then naturally, having thought about the purchase, they will come for advice to you. And, most likely, they will leave their money in your store.
  • Brand popularization. It is unlikely that this item requires lengthy explanations. If, in search of the necessary information, numerous people come to you and get what they need, your brand is imprinted in their minds and subconscious as a partner who deserves confidence.
  • Increased traffic. This relatively recently appeared marketing term includes the following three factors:
  1. attracting visitors to your website’s target pages;
  2. their conversion to customers or registered users;
  3. Analytics of the work.

It is the blog that bests to realize these tasks.

  • The viral effect of your publications. The development of social networks and mobile devices has developed persistent habits in people. They are happy to share information that seems beneficial to them and, from their point of view, will interest their friends. Thus, even one well-written article can provide you with substantial organic coverage. Needless to describe, the stunning effect of the inexhaustible stream of such articles began to live an independent life in hundreds and thousands of reposts!

Where to look for topics for new blog posts?

First of all, think about the group portrait of your target audience.

For example, you sell high-end equipment. In that case, your site visitors may be interested in reviews of mobile audiophile devices, recommendations for selecting audio system components, comparisons of different models, etc.

If your store offers a wide range of clothing, then it is logical to assume that buyers can find here tips from stylists and read about how to apply sizing grids accepted in different countries.

Being deeply immersed in your business, you are definitely an expert in your field. If you are ready to write a blog and are good at it, great! If you prefer to entrust this work to an experienced copywriter, navigate him by topic and act as an expert and consultant.

Remember that your blog posts shouldn’t turn into ads. Otherwise, the credibility of such articles will drop sharply.

Don’t forget about feedback!

Encourage your site visitors to exchange views and comments in every possible way. Make sure to answer their questions and comments, and please do not get off with formulaic wording. Let your blog readers feel that every opinion is meaningful and valuable to you. Have a lively and direct conversation with them, and become their friend and adviser.

Be sure: the resources you spend on maintaining and keeping your blog up to date are a highly profitable investment in your web resource conversion and in the exponential growth of your business.

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