How to find the Right .NET development Service Provider in the United Kingdom

dot net development

The .NET framework of Microsoft provides the most scalable and easiest way of building dynamic web apps with comparatively less code required with classic ASP. A .NET development company offers varied services using the different technologies of the framework and more.

.NET simplified the many complexity with traditional web app development that’s a boon for web and software app developers. With the growing demand of .NET development recently, a business organization seeking .NET solutions could easily tap into the skillsets of some of the top software development companies UK to meet the requirements.

Experienced Microsoft certified software developers, architects, consultants as part of the .NET competency team works with the business to comprehend the requirements as well as demonstrate the capabilities of the framework and develop highly secure, high performance and scalable .NET web app to the requirements.

dot net development


Offshore development companies in London helps organizations in designing, developing and integrating web based business solutions using the .NET platform in a cost-effective manner. A lot of the present solutions focus on .NET products. The development team develops as well as delivers extensive solutions that use the wide range of .NET functionality.

.NET development firms in the UK ensure that the technical skills of the developers and architects remain at the forefront of the industry through investing in ongoing tech training. Furthermore, they provide a complete solution in the development of fast web apps and software apps based on .NET. The services enable organizations to pick and choose the developers to work on a project. It provides access to the right kind of skills to make the business run. Hiring a dedicated .NET programmer is ideal for custom app development projects, for maintaining and updating the existing web apps. Developers are experienced with rapid web app development, object oriented programming and a whole lot more.


The demand for developers of .NET recently has grown as a result of the growth in the amount of people working steadfastly to own a website. For a website to effectively function and grant an owner the best results, all development aspects should be intact and performed by the right .NET developers.

The .NET of Microsoft is incredibly popular, and the widespread use is one of the reasons that C# is gaining ground as one of the most used and popular programming languages around. Furthermore, the .NET Core, an open-source, modular development stack that’s used by ASP.NET and .NET Native is rapidly gaining speed, which would influence the demand for .NET developers heavily. Simply put, .NET is hot and here to stay, at least for the near future.


When planning to hire a .NET professional, it’s important to align the budget to facilitate the annual pay bill. While the services may be needed for an entire year, keep in mind that they would set their rates to facilitate their income stream. The rating however will mainly depend on the extent of the works needed to be accomplished.

The need for a developer for hire is critical, particularly for those seeking an advanced stage of the website operation. The developers could be found in several places and the jobs available are truly and really little less than the amount of developers. It could be difficult to really get a job if not updated on the process. When hiring .NET developers, particularly in the UK area, good time management is also relevant. The ability to plan and to project-manage could take up a little more of the time of the developers at the beginning of a project, but will ultimately save time at the end, could save the support hours as well as time testing. Another essential skill to keep in mind is the attention to detail to check the code for errors and fix them accordingly.


  1. NET Model View Controller. The .NET MVC is spreading over the web market, replacing a lot of the competition. As web programming is progressing fast, a developer has to master the skills. With the help of the framework, developers could make fast, secure and beautiful apps easily. Thus, the parameter could be taken into consideration at the first place while evaluating prospective partners. The resource could be helpful for developers to learn ASP.NET MVC.
  2. Database application. One of the most important aspects of app development is data, and .NET is no exception. The offshore .NET development team should be well-versed not just with the SQL databases of Microsoft but should be updated as well on technology like NoSQL. Thus, the more .NET developers know about the field, the better the performance and optimization of web pages would be developed.
  3. Understanding client-side technologies. A dedicated developer should have the skills of building highly catchy, creative and interactive web apps. This boosts value in the market. To achieve that, understanding of the client side technologies, such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery as well as Bootstrap is necessary. Hence, while hiring, check out if they are comfortable with the language demands, which is very important.
  4. Microsoft Most Valued Professional or MVP. Microsoft MVP is one of the most valued certification around. A .NET developer with the same certification is considered to have high skill level and leadership quality in the framework. Furthermore, it would augment the scalability of the project. Thus, if hiring someone with such skill set, there would be a mentor in the project.
  5. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer or MCSD. The MCSD certification is a very in demand certification in the market. The skill is valued as its maintenance and development come from Microsoft itself, which needs rectification after a couple of years. Thus, the level of competency could be considered for boosting the quality of code of the offshore .NET development team in UK.

The UK is a bustling market for web and software development services and solutions. When looking for the right service provider for .NET requirements, opting for a web design company London is a great choice.

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