Attendance Management System: Why your business needs one?

Attendance Management System

Ask any HR professional: what is the most daunting task that he/she has to perform and the answer would be tracking employee attendance/time and processing payroll using some standalone system. The situation becomes more tiring when it comes to tracking attendance and time of employees manually, often on spreadsheets.

Attendance Management System

Now for a start-up or a small enterprise, it is certainly not viable to outsource its payroll operations due to the costs involved.So what could be the perfect solution that can address all the painpoints associated with attendance management and payroll processing? Can a cloud based automated attendance management system be the answer here? Yes, it can and to a great extent. Here’s how a cloud based HR payroll software can simplify attendance management.

  • Centralised payroll administration
  • Automated timesheet management
  • Error-free and timely payroll processing
  • Powerful and intelligent MIS reports


Tracking attendance and time of employees manually is prone to errors and delays thus, resulting in inaccurate payroll calculations. Note that incorrect payouts is cited as the most common reason for unhappy employees. Attendance management solution addresses this critical issue by automating the entire process of tracking employee time, attendance and leaves.

Here are four prominent advantages of arming your HR department with a cloud based time tracking software:

  1. Centralised Workforce Management

Clearly, one of the greatest benefits of a cloud based attendance management system is that it automates your entire payroll operations. Thus, human resources and payroll people don’t have to fret about inaccurate time tracking, erroneous attendance/leave records, etc. Most importantly, it eliminates those painful and tiring payroll redundancies that occur due to inaccurate time tracking.

  1. Timesheet Management Simplified

Meeting those impending deadlines especially during the payroll week is undeniably the most vicious nightmare for any HR department. Employees on the other hand expect timely disbursal of salaries after toiling hard for an entire month. Delays or inconsistencies in timesheets can procrastinate the pay date. Having an automated time tracking and attendance management software can avert all such qualms. As all your critical HR data is stacked on cloud servers, instant and real-time access to the required data is not a problem. Talk about on-demand access to timesheets and attendance reports.

  1. Error-free Payroll Processing

No more payroll redundancies. Payroll as we all know is one of the most judicious and integral processes for any organisation. Inconsistencies or delays in payroll can irate the employees thus, disrupting the workplace culture and environment. You certainly would not want the code of conduct to go for a toss, wouldn’t you? Having a cloud based attendance management system opens the doors for error-free and timely payroll processing, because it automates time/attendance tracking thus, freeing your HR people to do the same manually. Brace for timely and accurate payouts with a cloud based payroll software.

  1. Powerful and Intuitive HR MIS Reports

Keeping track of work timings, sick leaves, unapproved leaves, etc. is much easier with an automated attendance management system. Most importantly, all your critical HR MIS reports are just a click away. Generate MIS reports from a single point of contact. Talk about real-time and synchronised reporting.

Other pertinent advantages include reduced admin costs, improved revenue, productive human resources department and zero data duplication.

These are few prominent advantages of embracing a cloud based and automated attendance management system for your business. It not only paves way for error-free attendance management, but also simplifies the laborious process of payroll.

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Anwar Shaikh writes about enterprise management solutions that include CRM, ERP and Payroll software in India. A self-made and reared up writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of automated time and attendance management system to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

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