7 Chocolate Cake Variation to Rejoice your Birthday

7 Chocolate Cake Variation to Rejoice your Birthday

Whenever the clock strikes 12 in the mid night and your birthday arrive, it’s all celebration. Everyone eagerly waits for their birthday every year. Of course, getting aged makes you worried, but not on your birthday. It’s a day you want to cherish and enjoy. Talking about enjoyment, any celebration is incomplete without sweet delicacy. And of course birthday is all about cutting cakes. People have difference choices over flavors. But one flavor that everyone prefers over the others is chocolate. Here are delicious chocolate cake varieties that make your birthday a pure bliss.

7 Chocolate Cake Variation to Rejoice your Birthday

Ferrero Rochar Cake

When you are a dye-hard fan of chocolate, this is the best gift to spoil you. Ferraro Rochar cake is one of the most delicious chocolaty birthday cake s ever. This finger licking delicacy is available in variety sizes to the customer need. The small 6 inch radius one perfectly serves 8 people. The medium one, 8 inch serves 12 people. And the largest one with 10 inch radius can be perfect for 16 people. This cake has Butter and almond milk as basic ingredients. Dark chocolate and chocolate crispearls make this one a unique delicacy of chocolate. The castor sugar icing and the hazelnut biscuit flakes makes it crunchier.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

This cake is gluten free. But the taste will never make you feel that. Chocolate raspberry cake is for those who love twists in the middle of every bite. This cake is also available in small, medium and large size. All the costs are affordable but vary slightly according to the size. The whole egg and almond meals makes it taste like heaven. Cream and chocolate glaze are the specialty of this cake. Castor and icing sugar is the main ingredients for the topping that allures people the most.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

This cake has a unique base of dacquoise. Chocolate mousse is present in all over the cake. The taste of the cake is so yummy that you won’t be having any idea of the absence of gluten. Because of having different sizes, you can order according to your need. The gelatin and glucose is the secret of its tremendous taste. The main thing that stands out in this cake than others is the white chocolate. The milk chocolate is the key content of this delicacy. Though the hazel nut makes the cake taste crunchy, but the castor icing makes the topping a delicious one. You can order cakes online to make it easier for you to get the celebration started.

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu cake is a very classic example of birthday celebration. It is an antique cake which is best people loving fun. Tiramisu cake has many layers. Some prefer to make the layer with single flavor with mixed varieties. Some like it with many different flavors. Rainbow tiramisu cake is very popular birthday cake for children. Egg and butter’s unique combination makes this cake one of its own kind. Gluten free flour mixed with dark chocolate gives it the perfect look. To appreciate the topping, do not forget to mention the gelatin and vanilla paste. The almond meal brings the crunchy feeling till perfection.

Flourless Salted Caramel Cake

People have a very familiar thinking that cake tastes sweet. This cake proves every conventional belief about cake wrong. This amazing soft and flourless chocolate cake redefines the birthday treat cake. The caramel ganache and velvety mousse brings the urge to have the cake instantly. For the customer’s facility, this cake is available in variety of sizes. Candy crunch or sugar pearl is the key attraction of this fantasy cake. Any online site is there to provide you birthday cake delivery to your favorite person. Icing sugar and caramel layers make it look perfect for birthday celebration.

Chocolate Mud Cake

Our discussion about chocolate cake remains incomplete without mentioning this cake. The mud cake is famous for its richness and classical touch. Keeping people’s reluctance towards gluten, this cake has zero gluten in it. It has two sizes- medium that can serve 12 people. Then large that is more than enough for 16 people. The chocolate blast feeling once you cut the cake makes it an irresistible delicacy. Any online site will go for this cake order online. You can send it abroad as well to your cutie pie love.

Caramel Mud Cake

This cake is similar in design to that of the chocolate mud cake. Only the filling is with rich thick caramel instead of chocolate. Caramel is one special category of chocolate that has huge part of cheese in it. There is another specialty of this cake. This has a pinch of salty taste for excessive caramel use. Caramel mud cake can be a special cake for your birthday. But it is a costly cake. It is better to have other cakes for the necessary cake smashing. Cake smashing on face is a very special thing in birthday parties without which it is incomplete. A caramel mud cake will be the fantasy of your beloved if he/she is fond of caramel.

Cakes have indefinite numbers of varieties. It is impossible to choose one over the other as they all are very tasty. Still, chocolate is the first flavor that comes to mind when thinking about cake. And the above are the best chocolate cake varieties that can impress your guests in any occasion.

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