How to Choose BBQ Gloves?-(Guide)

how to choose BBQ gloves

If you are having trouble making BBQ with your bare hands and you are scared that your hands will get burn then you should consider buying a BBQ glove that will keep your hands safe and will give you the confidence to face hot items and just not give you confidence it will even give you the courage to step up and make BBQ while wearing them.

There are many types of BBQ gloves and so we are here to tell you about all of them as we will help you choose one of the types as well.

You do not have to be scared of some hot items, you just have to buy a BBQ glove so you can tackle that fear from your mind and your heart. This article is arranged for this purpose only to help you choose your Best BBQ gloves or which BBQ glove will suit you.

We will tell you about the types of gloves so you can learn how many types are there in BBQ gloves and what things you should consider before buying these BBQ gloves.

Types Of Gloves

As we move on to types of gloves we would like to tell you there are three types of gloves that are Silicon, Woven Fabric and Treated Leather.

All three of them are best in their own way and have different properties but some properties are also the same between all three so let’s see what these types of properties are.


This type of BBQ glove is a rubber-type material as it can be found in every place like in the bathroom to computers and many other places that you can imagine.

Silicon is a fire retardant material so if you are thinking that this is the best choice for you so you are absolutely right. The material is strong and malleable, it is waterproof and can be placed in the dishwasher as well.

If you are thinking of putting your hand in boiling water to take out boiled eggs then silicon is best for this work. 

Although this glove is the perfect choice for you, these gloves have some setbacks as well. This type of glove can be loose from the wrist and can make radiant heat enter your hand and can make every purpose of these gloves useless.

The silicon gloves can be bulky as well and if the grip often gets grease on it then it can be difficult to hold stuff in your hand as they can lose their grip instantly. 

Woven Fabric

Woven Fabric can also be called Aramid Fibre. They are used in firefighting and in large industries as they are resistant to heat. They are also used for making Kevlar and ballistic body armour.

The fibre has two properties that are called Para and Meta, each of these properties have its own strength and weakness. If you are looking for heat resistant gloves this type can become your first choice as they are the best heat resistant BBQ gloves. 

The quality of product with this type of material can contain a low resistance abrasion with the continued fabric cohesion at high temperature and it does not contain any melting point. The reason why firefighters do not consider Silicon over Aramid Fabric when they need to barge in a fiery place. 

The setbacks of this type are water resistance and lack of production. 

Treated Leather


As they are different from the above two which means leather gloves do not talk about how much heat resistance they contain or if they are water-resistant or not.

They are not the best but they are fine to use when you are making BBQ or doing some grill cooking but you should be careful to not hold hot iron rods for too long as they can not resist too much heat and you might hurt your hand if you hold the hot rod for too long.

You should be careful with hot coals and logs as well. 

There are many setbacks for this product as we have heard that they start to shrink as well because of sucking too much water. Leather is the type of material that needs a lot of care.

So if you are considering to buy this type and you will use them and throw them in the dishwasher then we would not recommend this material to you. 


 We hope that this article helped you in choosing your best BBQ gloves. Make sure to choose wisely between the types.

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