Thinking to Get a Laptop? Read How to Get a Perfect Model

best laptops for students

If you are looking to buy a quality laptop that may help you complete your tasks without issues for years to come, then you are not alone. Many people want to buy a good notebook but are not aware of ideal elements to look for while buying one. 

Hence, here is a post that you can consider to buy the perfect laptop model by showcasing key considerations that you need to make. Continue reading!

Look for these factors while buying the best laptop model


  • Budget 


Everything that you can purchase comes with a budget, but how much you can spend on a laptop is what you should ask yourself before buying one. Example – If you are a student, the buying power will be lower than a working professional with decent Salary. Thus, once you decide how much you can spend, you can then look out for an Asus laptop, iBall laptop or any other in that price bracket. 


  • Processor 


The CPU is the main component of a laptop, and it defines any task’s processing speed. Thus, if you have multiple tasks to cater to on your laptop, then you need a device with a powerful processor. If not, then your notebooks will start hanging. You can see laptops in the market with an Intel or AMD CPU brand. They are both decent performers, but Intel outperforms and is more powerful than AMD. 


  • Hard Disk Drive 


The hard disk drive (HDD) of laptop stores all your documents, videos, photos and other system files. Most of the laptops these days come with an HDD of 300-500 GB to 1 TB. If you have more stuff to store, then a laptop with 1 TB or more should be ideal. It is always good to buy a notebook with enough storage space. 


  • Screen size


The screen size and the type depends on what you intend to use your Asus laptop or any other. If you are buying a laptop for watching movies or other tasks, then one with 17 inches or more would be suitable. But an iBall laptop or any other for web surfing or related tasks would be good if it is 14.1 inches or more. 


  • Graphic processor   


Are you a gamer or someone who watches a lot of video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and more? Then, you should go for a device that comes with HD or Full HD support. You should keep this in mind if you don’t want to watch pixilated videos, which could be a huge mood spoiler. 


  • Battery 


The battery is another vital aspect of any iBall laptop, Asus laptop or any other notebook. It is as good battery life is vital if you wish to use your laptop almost all the time. Poor battery life will surely hinder your workflow. Thus, it is advisable to go for laptops that come with at least 4-6 hours of backup without charging. 


  • Brand 


Lastly, the brand of a notebook that you wish to buy also matters. Yes, they do make a huge difference, and you should distance from brands that you have not heard of. It is always recommended to go for renowned brands such as HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft or iBall. 

You are now well-versed with indispensable factors that you should consider while buying the best laptops in India. Factoring in these aspects will surely help you in bringing home the best laptops that will run for years. 

Now that you are ready to purchase the best laptops in India, why let its price dampen your chances of buying it? Yes, many people postpone their desires of buying the best laptops in India as paying its price at a time may not suit their budgets.  In any case, you HDD is not functioning properly then you might take a backup efficiently so that you can use your personal data easily.

You can easily avoid paying the price of an Asus laptop or other by dividing its price over a suitable tenor and pay only fixed EMIs. The facility is available in 60,000+ local stores and 1300+ stores on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. 

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