5 Awesome Summer Fashion Tips for Men

5 Awesome Summer Fashion Tips for Men

The male of the human species is not as style conscious as the female and dressing up for men mostly involves picking the first shirt and pair of trousers that comes to their mind but this trend is changing as the younger generation becomes increasingly trendy and a growing number of products are being created specifically for them. Even the most style- conscious of gentlemen are intrigued when it comes to choose clothes for a summer outing as compared to doing so for winter and therefore we have gathered a few fashion tips for men that can be used in this hot weather.

 5 Awesome Summer Fashion Tips for Men


Wearing these short length garments comes naturally to men but most of them are ignorant about whether they can be worn for an outing and if yes, then what are the suitable choices for different occasions. A note of caution before we move ahead on the topic- never wear a pair of shorts to a date unless and until it is a trip to the beach. A sensible pair’s length ends just above the knee, the fit of which is not too loose with only the usual number of four pockets- two in front and the same number at the back. Chino shorts in pastel colours can be donned for a casual trip but for those wanting to stand out,  black or navy blue can be used.


T- shirts are the outfit of choice for everyone during the hotter part of the year and can be creatively used for a groovy look while feeling comfortable at the same time. Move beyond plain colours and get some striped ones whether in round neck or polo and a good variation will be to wear henleys which are collarless t- shirts with a couple or more buttons. Polos in neutral colours along with jeans is an evergreen option and guarantees admiration. Buttoned up shirts, whether full or half sleeves in plain shades can be used with jeans or chino trousers and every man must have a navy and white one with self-patterns or polka designs in his wardrobe as they can be used with any sort of pants.


No matter whatever the season, there are times when it is essential to wear a pair of pants and jeans in lighter tones can be tried rather than the usual blue ones. Those who do not want to stray much off the beaten track can opt for black as though it may seem to be a senseless fashion tip for men but jeans in this colour always look good. Chinos have been fashioned exclusively for summers but people generally commit the mistake of going for khaki colour when they are available in other hues like grey, blue and dark green. Chinos and jeans can be matched up with almost any kind of shirt but care should be taken to avoid flashy colours.


Summer brings with it numerous possibilities in terms of footgear and sandals, sneakers and boats can be seen on a large number of feet. Sandals work well with shorts and chinos but may not gel with other garments while sneakers can be used with any sort of dressing options. White is the most popular hue but black is another good option or a combination of both will also seem appropriate. Leather sneakers can also be tried as can boat shoes which also fit well with any sort of outfit. Socks can be completely discarded or calf-length ones can be opted for until the temperature drops considerably. Online stores feature mind- boggling variety of shoes and browsing through them can be more convenient than visiting a physical one for shopping. Check Flipkart coupon codes today as the online store offers different types of deals daily and they can be used to get a stylish item at low cost.


Never underestimate the power of add-ons for providing that extra zing to your style quotient. A pair of sunglasses does not only makes sense, it also makes you look cool. Aviators are an eternal favourite but the retro square look can be employed too for cutting out the harsh glare. Everyone is into smart watches, so getting a regular leather one with a simple dial will make you stand apart in a crowd. Those people with sweat issues can opt for canvas straps rather than metal or leather ones.


Summers can be as good a time for natty dressing for men as it is for women and these fashion tips for men can be used to furnish the wardrobe with essentials for the season that can easily make any man dapper and debonair.

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