WordPress, an amazing content management system to develop awesome sites

People who are interested to discoveran excellent content management system to work as an open source blogger will love to read this post further. One should go through a range of tools including excellent plug-in configuration and template system in search of the best CMS. An example of this deal involves word press, one of the mot preferred blogging system of the world; the tool has been applied for development of blogging in over 60 million websites. Bearing a web template system, this blogging tool became highly efficient to meet demand of customers.

WordPress development

Developed by the WordPress Foundation, this amazing tool was launched in May, 2003 for the first time while the stable release of the same took place about two months ago (in May, 2014). WordPress works upon the cross platform operating system on PHP. The blog software has been GNU GPLv2+ licensed. Founders duo of the blogging system, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg believed fully at the first launch of the software that it will be greatly popularly for blogging sites and earn immense success within a very short period.

Plug in architecture

There are many impressive features of word press to pull attention of web developers; one of those features is plug in architecture that offers developers a chance to extend their capability far from the core installation. With its huge collection of over 30 thousand plugins, wordpress provides various features and customizable functions to users with facility of tailoring the site towards its certain needs. In this way, the logged in users can enjoy customization in various clients’ portal for which the private information is displayed. Navigation bar of the blogging system is also an additional advantage. People looking for awesome open source web development deals, will trust upon this tool.

Themes of wordpress

Themes will be another attraction for you in wordpress; one can not only install a theme while incorporating wordpress in a site but also can switch between various themes. It is the easiest way to modify the appearance and functionality of the site. So, whenever you want to change the theme, simply application of the ‘Appearance’ theme can help you to work instantly. Themes based upon HTML, CSS code and PHP are available for editing the look of website. Expert word press users become efficient enough to develop their own themes also; getting online free themes and some premium paid templates is not a big deal. These themes make it outstanding as one among the extensive ecommerce solutions.

The multi user facility

WordPress is amazingly lovable among joomla website development experts for the reason it supports multiple users at a time. From various directories, running multiple concurrent copies is possible. The wordpress multi-user (MU) offered multiple blogs to remain in single installation which is administered by a central maintainer. With the launch of wordpress 3, MU version of the tool has been merged with the latest version. MU version is good for hosting of blogging communities by administrators, moderating and controlling blogs.

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