9 Proven Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your WordPress Site

Drive More Traffic To Your WordPress Site

Creating a new WordPress site is undoubtedly thrilling. You definitely can’t wait to introduce your website to the world. Unfortunately, the absence of traffic is a huge problem that new website owners have to deal with. No matter how good your site is, if nobody visits, it doesn’t matter.

Every website owner wants Google search traffic, but it takes time to start flowing. What can you do to provide traffic for your website as soon as possible? First things first, you need a high-quality host to support your traffic requirements. Feel free to visit HostAdvice and discover the best cheap offers.

But that’s not where it ends. Here’s what else you can do to drive more traffic to your WordPress site.

#1: Optimize for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) attracts traffic to your website by making sure that your site is relevant and reaches the proper audience. Your search engine ranking will rise, and your ability to reach your target market will improve as your SEO improves.

Using relevant keywords in your product pages and articles drives visitors to your site and improves your search engine rankings. You can also increase the chances of visitors engaging with your website by including relevant metadata in your articles on your website.

#2: Produce High-Quality Blog Posts

If you want to increase traffic, you need to incorporate blogging into your content strategy. You have a 434% higher chance of getting listed highly on search engines if you include a blog on your website, among many other benefits.

You should focus on your viewers while creating blog content to make sure they will enjoy reading. There is some material that has a bigger potential of becoming viral, and that can attract viewers. You should also pay attention to your title, introduction, photos, and other elements.

#3: Add A Newsletter Subscription Form

Adding a mailing list or newsletter signup form to your website is a great strategy to increase return visits. With the help of an e-newsletter, you can strengthen your bonds with your readers by providing them with frequent updates that have a personal touch and useful material.

However, bear in mind that sending something entertaining and helpful is preferable to simply sending out a newsletter that is packed with adverts.

#4: Increase Your Visibility on Social Media

You can make use of social media in addition to raising the visibility of your website in search engines. Your coworkers can help you a lot in this situation since they may promote your WordPress site on their social media platforms. This can increase your revenue because it attracts viewers seeking authentic reviews and user-generated content.

You represent the brand of your website; thus, you should also update your social media profiles. Before directing users to your WordPress homepage, take advantage of your bio to establish your credibility and create the general tone of your website.

#5: Add Internal Links

You can link other content on your site by adding an internal link to your posts or pages. Linking to relevant information will increase user engagement and decrease the bounce rates on your website. The chances that people will find, read and share your material are also bigger.

Implementing an effective internal linking strategy will change the user behavior on your website from “read and exit out of tab” to “read, click link, share, repeat.” Also, internal linking increases the likelihood that search engines will index the material on your website and give it a higher ranking.

#6: Translate Your Website

If individuals from different locations can understand the language you are using on your site, you are able to reach your full potential. You can connect with readers from other nations and get to a lot larger audience. This can be gravely affected by language, but thankfully there are solutions that are inexpensive.

The simplest technique to get international visitors to your WordPress website is to include a Google Translate widget.

#7: Analyze Your Site’s Performance

You must continue to improve your website’s performance to keep visitors coming back even if you have an increase in traffic. Your analytics may reveal to you which articles are more well-liked by your readers than others.

Regular evaluations will enable you to determine what you’re doing well and what needs to change so that you can pivot and respond appropriately. You may take advantage of this to enhance your website and provide users with precisely what they desire.

#8: Pay for Traffic

Take into consideration Google ads, Facebook ads, and other prominent advertising platforms when you pay to drive visitors to your blog. Be conscious of your blog’s readership and utilize the most appropriate targeting criteria.

Establishing a weekly budget for sponsored advertisements and monitoring ad performance at the end of each week is best. Use the same standards for the next week if you are happy with the traffic results. If not, try an alternative set of criteria.

#9: Use Free Contests and Giveaways

Free gifts serve as a motivator for visitors to your WordPress site. You may invite your readers to subscribe to your site’s email list, leave comments on your blog articles, share them on their social media accounts, and do other similar actions in exchange for a free entry into your site’s contest.

The secret is to consider the behaviors of your readers that will enhance traffic to your site and provide them with one or more giveaway entries in exchange for those behaviors.


Building a fantastic WordPress website requires a lot of work, but once you attract plenty of visitors and turn it into sales, your efforts will be worthwhile. Nevertheless, attracting readers and keeping them interested are the keys to long-term success.

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