What is an advertising agency and why should I work with one

An advertising agency is an agency which designs and creates ideas in which to promote their clients product. This is done through forms of media such as television, billboards, radio and newspapers.

Upon release Internet Explorer 9 had 2.5 million downloads within the first 2 months and was number one in global downloads. As well as that, the download increase from the previous version of the product Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) was 63%. This shows that the product was very successful and the promotion behind it must have also been very good.

The advertising agency Beattie McGuiness Bungay had a big role in contributing to the development of this products advertising campaign.

Media buying

This is when an advertising agency decides what the best form of advertising for a product would be and seeing how it would be most effective in getting to the intended target audience. They are also able to pay for advertising cheaper than firms because they can purchase bulk advertising space and or time. For example, a traditional advertising agency may purchase ad space within a billboard outdoors, or a digital PPC agency may purchase AdWords ads space on Google’s search results for their clients.

The way Beattie McGuiness Bungay did this for IE9 was firstly finding out what the most effective form of advertising would be. They then chose Internet and TV. This is because their main target audience are users of computers and the program is for computers as it is a web browser. They also used TV because many owners of TV’s own Computers as well. So this was a way for the firm to grasp the attention of their target audience in 2 ways.

The adverts would mainly come on all throughout the day meaning the firm had bought a lot of time. This was so users of computers would be able to see the advert throughout the day no matter what they were up to or where they were.

For the Internet they uses pop up ads so users who already had browsers would be informed that there is a new version of internet explorer. And if the browser was the previous version IE8 it would prompt the user for an upgrade. As well as that they uploaded advertisements of the product sites such as YouTube where the firm has a huge following, this way the product got even more exposure.

This helped the advertising agency in contributing to the products promotional campaign.

Advertisement design

This is when the firm creates and designs an advert for the product they are trying to promote. This will combine the products features, upgrades and brands values.

Beattie McGuiness Bungay did this through use of the firm’s web browser in a creative way, combining visual effects alongside the browser to help promote the speed of its use. The advert was widely recognised for these visuals and the promotion of the product through this.

As well as that they used a music artist Alex Claire who he was in the advert and he’s music was used. This helped the campaign further as they had a larger following through this artist as well as individuals who like the music will feel more inclined to download the product. Through the empowered feeling they will get from the advert, which the firm were going for. This further helped in the success of the promotional campaign.

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