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seo services in india

Google webmaster Tool is a good Seo Tool for webmasters and Bloggers.This is a free tool.This tool is play best Role in website traffic.Search Engine optimization is very important for a website.For best result we want to add our website to Google webmaster this article i want to Tell something about Google webmaster tool.

seo services in india

How to add a Website to Google webmaster Tool?

so this is important then how to use webmaster tool,Webmaster tools is very simple in using.Just Go To

Now when you are log in to your webmaster tool then Click on “Add A site”After this add your website Url and save. You Are Don.


How to Verify A website in Google webmaster tool?

Now the next Step is the verification of a website in google webmaster tool. There are Four methods to verify your website

  • By adding A meta tag to your website
  • By using Google analytics
  • By domain name
  • By Uploading a html file to website 

choose any way Which you are like.and Verify your website in Google webmaster tool.

Search engine Optimization play Different roles for increase  Any Website visitors. But Website Title Tag Is also  important for SEO. Title tags are given in the section of the website HTML. Blogger makes it not already.For this we need some settings.This work is in the Html of Blogger.It’s very easy way.

How to Short Long Urls?

google is not only a search provide many services in the world of internet.
people like google for his services”
today i like to tell you some thing about “google url shortener”
google url shortener” is used for make tour long url in short words..

Alexa Rank: Best Way to Improve Website Popularity

is a long url and we want to change this on a short url so we can go to the google url shortener  website
when you go to this website.
website is shown a box
write any long url on the box and get a short url.
copy your url and paste where you like..


how to check website speed?

website speed is the important thing in seo.
but you have not know about your website speed and website speed tips please get help via “google developers”
developer google is launch this service for google users and blogger”

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