Top 5 Cleaning Tips for Getting a Better Sleep

Top 5 Cleaning Tips for Getting a Better Sleep

After a long tiring day, your mattress becomes your favorite spot. Your head hits your pillow and you shut your eyes hoping to get a pleasant night’s sleep. A good night sleep is definitely a privilege that could allow you to have better productive tomorrow. But there are a lot of things that might stop you from getting this basic privilege.For instance, the dust mites living on your mattress might not allow you.

Top 5 Cleaning Tips for Getting a Better Sleep

Irrespective of doing a good mattress cleaning job, you’re getting a little help in having a good night’s sleep, but why is that?

It’s simple. Your mattress cleaning techniques are not efficient or effective enough.

Normally, people have the wrong presumption about mattress cleaning. According to them, the process (only) involves,

  • Vacuuming
  • Changing bed sheets & pillow covers

But the fact is this will nowhere keep the bugs or dust mites off and everyday it will be the same. Your allergy will increase, you’ll develop rashes and finally, you wake up tired having another long tiring day.

Sleep is necessary and not getting sufficient rest can have implications on your mind and body.In 2011, National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll, where92% of people accounted that a comfortable mattress is necessary for a good night’s sleep.

A comfortable mattress means a clean mattress. The place where you sleep should not just appear clean but should be hygienic and germ-free, so you don’t lose your sleep from skin irritation or allergy.

As I explained before there is a range of things you should follow to keep your mattress clean. Your mattress cleaning methods should go beyond those two regular cleaning processes.

Some of the Mattress Cleaning Tips that Will Help You Get Better Sleep

  1. Do Vacuum Cleaning Regularly

It’s acceptable if you are taking professional mattress cleaning services twice a year, but why should you vacuum your mattress regularly?

If not, your mattress would house large amounts of dead skin and gallons of sweat, which would be then the source of food for millions of dust mites. Obviously, these things will not be visible but can be only experienced.

You’ll experience skin irritation and other health problems. Your unhygienic, dirty mattress will contribute to decreasing air quality. All these things can be avoided if you vacuum regularly. 

  1. Quick Attention to Spills & Spots

There is a very less chance that you’ll find coffee or salad stains on your mattress, but you’ll definitely find stains from blood,urine, and other bodily fluids.

Never leave a wet spot to settle/dry on your mattress. The dust mites will feed on them and multiply more in numbers. As soon as you see a spill or a dried stain, remove it through spot treatment.Do not just settle for cold water, use cleaning solutions if required.

Hydrogen peroxide works best for urine and blood stains. If the stain is old and dried, then clean with a detergent solution and sprinkle baking soda overnight and vacuum.                   

  1. Cut-Down that Unpleasant Smell

Urine does not just leave a stain behind but produces an unpleasant smell.

The smell emanating from urine is something that would never allow you to have a good night sleep.And it also creates an unhygienic resting place. You can completely deodorize your musty smelling mattress using baking powder.

Suppose you just cleaned a stain and after drying, just sprinkle baking powder over the complete mattress. Leave it for a few hours and vacuum the powder.You’ll see your mattress will smell fresh and pleasant to use again.

  1. Keep your Mattress Out in the Air

Keeping your mattress out in the sun will help you a lot and for doing this you don’t have to do any work.If it’s a hot sunny day, then just keep your mattress out. Normally, the UV rays are sufficient to kill dust mites and it’ll make cleaning easier in the later stages.

Keeping in the air, you’ll cut down on the unpleasant smell and there will be no mold development if your mattress is wet.

The Bottom Line

Sufficient sleep is necessary for a good physical and mental health. The place where you sleep plays an important role in this, especially, your mattress. For the reason, mattress cleaning should always be your top priority. Apart from regular home cleaning treatments, you should also get professional mattress cleaning services at least twice a year.The combined efforts will help you lead a healthy and productive life.

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