How to Make Sure You Don’t Arrive Late For Work Again

We’ve all been late at work at least once in our lifetime. Maybe you’ve missed that all important business conference by five minutes or simply started your usual working day a little later than anticipated. While in some cases it can be beneficial to arrive late at work, more often than not, many people find it rude that you cannot manage your time effectively. 

Once we arrive late, we feel the instant regret and begin to reminisce about what we could have done differently to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Most people will say to just ‘set off earlier’ but we are somewhat naitve to the many solutions we can adhere to. Thankfully, we are on hand to discuss the top tips and tricks you can implement to your schedule today to minimise tardiness at work. 

  • Write Down Your Habits/Characteristics   

If you are always late to work, there could be a plethora of reasons as to why this could be. In order to combat this problem, you need to understand yourself a little better in order to get to the root of why you are late. This is where writing down your characteristics and general habits can be hugely beneficial to reduce workplace lateness. Perhaps you are naturally a slow walker, so in order to counter this you would need to try setting off 15 minutes before your usual time. In addition, you may be someone who obtains your lunch on the way to work which could add another 10 minutes onto your commute. The solution to this would be to cook/pack your lunch the night before or even change your habit so that you buy your lunch during your break. Without assessing yourself, you won’t be able to come up with a solution. 

  • Overestimate 

Another incredibly useful tip to reduce workplace tardiness is to always overestimate your timings. No matter how organised you are, there is always the possibility that something out of your control can disrupt your commute. This can be anything from sitting in traffic due to an accident or forgetting to purchase the milk for your breakfast! The beauty about overestimating is that the worst case scenario usually ends up with you arriving early to work, and you could use that time to catch up on emails or even set a solid example to your fellow colleagues. 

  • Set Your Watch Later

Yet another simple yet effective solution to reduce lateness is to set your digital watches later. Most people have a smart device nowadays which can automatically keep up with real world times based on your location but you can easily set this function off and format your digital watch to display a later time. By doing this trick, you can trick your brain into thinking it’s later than it actually is by simply fast forwarding the time 10-15 minutes later. As a side note, be sure that all your digital watches are all synched so that you won’t get confused with the clocks on your phone compared to the clock hung above your mantle piece.

  • Use Reminders And Notifications

Similar to the previous point but many people have smart watches and phones which can alert you when notifications or messages are sent to you. By getting into the habit of checking your notifications regularly, you’ll never be surprised again if you get a message requiring you to be in a certain place or on an important conference call. You can even have the option of setting an alert 10 minutes prior so you can plan ahead of schedule. We highly recommend using reminders to the best of your ability as they are created with the users intentions at heart and will no doubt give you a better structure to your working day and reduce lateness.

  • Hire A Chauffeur Service 

If you have tried any of the previously mentioned tips or tricks and are having little to no luck, then you can always opt for a corporate chauffeur service. The benefits of a chauffeur service is that they can reduce the stress and hassle of getting to your desired destination. Simply tell them the time you wish to arrive and leave the rest to them. 

Driving can be incredibly taxing on the user mind but by someone professional doing it for you, accompanied with a wealth of knowledge regarding alternative commute routes, you are bound to get to your destination on time and stress-free. Furthermore, most chauffeur services typically arrive 15 minutes before the stated meet time to allow you to get ready without feeling rushed which also allows you the possibility of setting off earlier if you gauge your timings correctly. Finally, the beauty of a chauffeur service is that you will diven in luxury cars that ooze class and comfort and will typically be a high spec vehicle. This means they are more than capable of getting to your destination in a speedy, yet safe, manner and will guarantee that you arrive on time.


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