Three Ways in Utilizing Google+ for Effective Content Marketing

google plus marketing

So you have created brilliant, information rich, compelling and unique content. You have been diligently updating your search engine optimization (SEO for brevity) techniques; you have been polishing your website and have been prompt in answering customer queries and feedbacks. The one last vital thing left is to get your content as much visibility as it can and have it reach a wider scope of audience, so how do you achieve just that? This is precisely why digital marketing and content marketing exist. In today’s time and age, there are various ways to get your content seen; it is only a matter of perseverance, persistence and consistency on your part. But of course, if you want your content to have maximum visibility by audiences from all over the globe, the best way to do so is to harness the power of social media.

google plus marketing

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…the social media trifecta, and it is only rightly so as in today’s time and age, having an account on any social media platform dedicated solely to your personal musings and etc. is akin to having access to a worldwide hangout. And it is a smart digital marketer’s move to tap into a place teeming with people every single day.

However, with so many available social media platforms, how would a digital marketer know which one to select that is most appropriate for his or content marketing strategy? Moreover, once he does, how does he use this effectively? Well, let’s take a closer look at one of the most overlooked social media platforms today, Google+. Lately, Google+ has not been doing much of an impact in the social media industry. Furthermore, aside from being largely overlooked; it has not been a successful one either when compared to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest leaving people to disregard Google+ entirely. However, disregarding Google+ as a powerful content marketing tool is doing your marketing efforts an immense disservice. But in reality, Google+ is one of the fastest growing social networking sites (most especially as it becomes a go-to source for social logins throughout the web). And utilizing it for content marketing is only a matter of proper usage of the social media juggernaut.

However, if you are at a loss as to where to begin, let this article give you a better insight to utilizing Google+ as a content marketing tool.

  • Build and establish your presence


This is rather obvious but most digital marketers neglect this vital step. But it goes without saying, that just like every other social media site out there, it works best and to your advantage when you are actually actively using it. This would not only make your marketing strategy effective, but it would make you influential as well. Basically, you need to start by ensuring that your page, profile or community looks visually appealing. Let it present your version of the company in the best possible way. Lastly, posting content regularly is the key to staying relevant, so be consistent in doing so.


  • Start developing a community


Unlike many of the other competing social networking websites, Google+ offers you the opportunity to connect with a tech-savvy demographic of potential customers. Shall you create a circle and consistently purvey quality content (while engaging with content from others as well), you forge connections that would vastly benefit you. Developing your community is done is three easy steps which would be to create your circles, utilize hangouts and of course to engage with those people.


  • Content Promotion


So you have created compelling and information content, but it would do you no favors if it continues to sit on your website, on a document or on Youtube, as a presentation and etc. When you do content promotion, you would want people to know about your content and have them share this very same content to their peers. It is also worthy to note that when you market your content on Google+, you do not only reach out to users but it “markets” your content to search engines as well. Every time you post content to Google+, Google will index it promptly, giving you better and faster exposure. Moreover, this same content is more likely to appear in your contacts’ online searches (Thank you personalized search!) To take advantage of this, you have to post links to your original content, identify authors and promote your Google+ conversations all throughout your content marketing outposts.


To wrap it up…


As Google+ is continuously growing and expanding with its features becoming more elaborate and content friendly, digital and content marketers alike should exploit this powerful potential. If you are a smart content marketer, you would not commit that cardinal mistake of foregoing Google+ completely in favor of more popular social networking websites. Start utilizing the tips given above and see a visible change in your content marketing strategy.


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Tristan Jasper is a marketer, entrepreneur and a freelance blogger. He’s currently working as a digital marketer at one of the top online marketing agency in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @tristanjasperph.

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