The Importance of SAP Fiori to Enhance User Experience

Unlike the apps built for consumers, enterprise apps do not always ensure rewarding user experience and for years, business users were aware of this. With the recent launch of SAP Fiori suddenly we are expectantly looking for full fledged business apps with beautiful UI and user experience comparable to consumer apps. SAP for years had been the leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software. Today a vast majority of world’s sophisticated enterprise IT infrastructures across diverse niches use SAP software products.

After years of research and sustained focus in offering business users a simple, lovable and consistent experience while using the SAP apps on diverse devices and platforms, they came up with a new UX strategy named after the Italian word for ‘flower’, that is to say, Fiori. The importance of SAP Fiori in enhancing the user experience is huge. How SAP Fiori added a new value proposition with the SAP enterprise app ecosystem we will see here.

Why SAP Fiori?

The precise reason SAP Fiori was inevitable because your workforce always wanted a consumer app like interface and user experience that seamlessly work across all devices. With the proliferation of mobile devices in workplace, business applications increasingly becomes the subject of demand for more intuitive, personalized and user optimized experience. SAP responded to this with the new UX strategy called SAP Fiori. Here the precise value additions SAP Fiori has been capable of offering.

Optimize workplace productivity by simplifying user interactions and automating an array of business tasks across devices.
Increase adoption by the users by ensuring a rewarding UX design customized as per the use and tasks.
Enhance data security, compliance and adherence to information accessibility.
Diminishing the need for rigorous workforce training and support as the simple, role-based screens of SAP Fiori let professionals learn things easily as they do.
It allows developing highly customized SAP Fiori apps with an array of development tools.

SAP Fiori is a UX design strategy to make things simple

SAP Fiori is basically a UX design strategy to make apps simpler, easy to use and context oriented to the user. Fiori is not another enterprise product from SAP but it is the new UX platform for boosting the usability of all SAP apps.

SAP Fiori is the result of a design focused initiative from SAP to address the user experience demands across devices.
Thanks to Fiori the ERP system of SAP got a massive boost with easier, accessible and smooth user experience.

Simplicity and efficiency in enterprise solutions

SAP Fiori ensured simplicity and efficiency in enterprise solutions through new customized user friendly UX. Offering task based personalized experience for separate users Fiori made SAP apps more result driven and interactive.

Fiori gave all enterprise backend applications the fluid multi-device and multi-platform capability by integrating Netweaver gateway and UI5 toolkit.
Thanks to Fiori businesses get larger exposure to mobile devices without making a big investment in enterprise mobility infrastructure.

Personalized, contextual and easy to use experience

Enterprise IT today is more concerned about making the job easier alleviating productivity and turnaround time. Fiori by allowing the highly personalized interface and context oriented tasks and automation can make job completion faster and easier than ever before.

Fiori optimizes the app interface for separate users as per user situation, context and tasks.
By offering an intuitive interface and auto completion of many repetitive tasks Fiori further makes UX easier and faster.
The easier, faster and intuitive interface of SAP apps helps increasing adoption and reducing IT training for the workforce.

Consumer like app UX to increase productivity

SAP Fiori offers a much familiar UX we generally use in consumer apps. The typical SAP Fiori app goes parallel to much online shopping and social media apps. Unlike the previous generation enterprise apps needing users going through rigorous multi steps instructions, Fiori users hardly need training for using the apps. This tremendous enhancement in offering similar ease of use has become possible thanks to SAP Fiori UX strategy.

Users can personalize their home page and they can use the app the way they feel it easier. Users can also make use of layers of business specific consumable data like outstanding amount, customer invoices, etc. which can further be prioritized by the users as actionable areas. The navigation of the screen is optimized responsively for different devices, allowing users to find what they are looking for and respond accordingly. Auto completion of certain tasks and auto entry of fields further saves time and helps to complete tasks faster.

Easier and faster access to useful information for jobs and tasks in hand is a delectable positive aspect of Fiori apps. Thanks to SAP Fiori UX enterprise apps can now enjoy the benefit of features such as Employee Self-Service that allow users accessing their paystubs without being present in the workplace. For organizations with the good volume of field employees, this offers a huge boost to the overall productivity. Furthermore, SAP Fiori apps can allow employee instant access to data crucial for their work process like purchase orders, tour requests, billing information, expenses, timesheets, etc. Unquestionably this adds immense value to their productivity.

SAP Fiori is ready to deploy without any user training

Many organizations already deployed SAP Fiori without conducting any training for their staff. This shows how user optimized, simple and intuitive this new UX strategy is. Actually, already the workforce almost unexceptionally had been accustomed to the consumer grade app interface and user experience and now with the launch of SAP Fiori, they are not experiencing an altogether new interface. Organizations with considerable mobile workforce naturally found it easier to adopt because their mobile workforce is long accustomed to such intuitive UX through an array of consumer apps.

SAP Fiori by incorporating consumer grade UX and interface elements in enterprise apps made a leap towards blurring the division between enterprise apps and consumer apps. With more user engagement, more intuitive design focus and context oriented personalization in enterprise apps, enterprise mobility is destined to penetrate deeper into the business process than ever happened to other technologies. SAP Fiori is undoubtedly a big milestone in this evolving IT landscape.

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