The Best Apps for the individuals with Hearing Loss

The Best Apps for the individuals with Hearing Loss

A software application or “app” these are the two terms where today everyone’s life revolves around. Apps are available everywhere such as Google Play, Apple App store, Blackberry app world, and Windows Phone Store. These apps are very user-friendly with just a click on “install” and you can download the app. Today, Apps are available for everyone even people with hearing loss can get benefits from this world of technology. Most of the hearing loss is caused due to noise pollution. Therefore, there are many apps for the individuals with hearing loss to heck the noise suitable for the hearing.

The Best Apps for the individuals with Hearing Loss

The Top 5 Apps for individuals with hearing loss

  • Hearing loss Simulator – This app designed to hear simulations of common deafness or hearing loss. It provides an understanding of a complete deafness experience through audio clips. Audio clips imitate different kinds of hearing impairments and can also give tinnitus experience. You will get many options like speech in a calm environment or in a restaurant under normal, light, moderate( 50 dB HL) and Severe hearing loss( 70 dB HL).
  • Sound Metre – Sound meter or SPL app provides you a decibel value. This decibel value is calculated from the environmental noise. A graphical design is displayed with high frame by the sound meter app. This app is available at the Android App on Google Play. This app follows OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Guidelines. It also gives alters in case the decibel meter reach any kind of dangerous level.
  • AUD- 1 – It uses Assistive Listening Software designed especially for hearing loss. It automatically adjusts the surrounding environment loudness. Through signal processing provides both clarity and comfort. AUD-1 also provides dual algorithm technology so that user can make an independent adjustment for each ear. There are many other features such as Advanced connectivity options, Stereo Linkage technology, Automatic storage. And Fine grain control, Adjustable input, and output option, and alert on accidental removal. One can easily download the app from Apple App Store.
  • Clear captions – Clear caption app convert phone calls to written text. These written texts are then displayed on your phone screen. This app can connect to any phone whether your personal, home or office phone. One can easily view the conversation of the call on their iPhone. This app is available at Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • TV Louder – This app is used with headphones to increase the TV sound loud without increasing the television volume. It is a very user-friendly app, you simply need to set your TV on normal volume. And then through your iPhone select the volume of your choice. Through iPhone microphone, you can easily amplify the sound.

The technology is growing at a high pace. Therefore, there will be more existing new apps. So, always keep yourself updated with the apps using smartphone technology for hearing loss or any other medical issue. Before using any app always consult your audiologist. He can provide suitable information about different types of hearing impairment like conductive, sensorineural, mixed hearing loss.

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