Social media and its impact on students nowadays

  1. The birth of internet

Internet was most definitely the greatest invention of the 20th century. Technology experts may argue over the fact that computers were actually the greatest invention, but for us common folks, what was able to alter the lives the most was the usage of free internet. We have experienced some parts of our lives without internet as well and boy, oh boy, what would we give to never ever get deprived of the blessing again.

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Now, if we need anything we can just use our Smartphone to get it from the comfort of our bedroom. A whole pizza can be ordered or online academic writing help can be had without having to go to the café and it’s something that’s not at all a big thing, but when you consider the fact that this wasn’t possible only a few years back, and then it becomes a luxury we just take for granted.

  1. Excessive use of internet:

We humans are liable of taking things for granted, whatever the nature of the thing might be. We use something so endlessly or become so much addicted to something or someone that in the end it starts to haunt us brutally. However important the birth of the internet might have been, it has also become sort of a menace these days especially for the young ones. Children that should be focusing on learning the tables of 2 and 3 are busy socializing over the internet with their parents not being able to do anything about it.

  1. Social networks and the menace:

Social networks at the start were something positive for the mankind but now they have just become an addiction and you can virtually see people walking around the roads with their phones in their hands and their eyes glued to the screen. Students have been harmed the most by the excessive usage of social networks. It’s good to be able to ask a few questions from your classmates and discuss answers to your homework, but sadly that’s not all what a social network does to your child.

  1. The solution:

Social networks are these days used for all sorts of things. Students that are not even aged 10 these days know how to upload pictures on the picture hosting websites but don’t know how to multiply 4 by 2. It’s not advised to just completely block everything from the child’s phone or deprive them of the luxuries, but if your child is under 10, you need to do this too. At this tender age, he /she doesn’t need to know if Kim Kardashian uploaded a new picture or how messed up her relationship is and tragically if you are a social network user you do get to know about this stuff. So make sure that if you are a parent of an under 10 child, they don’t get a Smartphone till late.


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