SEO Benefits and Ways to Submit Your Site to Search Engines

We can drive a huge number of traffic on our website through search engines. for this we have to optimize our website for search engines and submit our site to search engines, so that they can recognize our website and can list it in their database. Search engine submission is the first step of Offpage optimization. If you have a website and you want to get visitors for this then you have to link your site to search engines because there are hardly some people entering website name directly to their address bar, when ever a person need some information on the web the thing comes to his mind is Google, yahoo, bing or other major search engine. Submitting a site in a search engine is very fast, easy and free and you can do it yourself. Before we start discussing the process of submitting site to search engines, first we need to know about the major search engines and their popularity.

  1. Google: – Google is a #1 search engine in the world and according to a report more than 70% search queries are received by Google only.
  2. Yahoo: – the second most used search engine in the world and it has 15% market cap.
  3. Bing: – the third largest search engine with 10 % Market cap and the other search engines like AOL and ASK sharing the remaining percentage.

So as we can see above that Google has the largest market cap in terms of search queries, this is because the results provided by the Google is more relevant to the query.

In april / 2010, yahoo and bing agreed to merge to compete better to Google but the idea doesn’t work as expected.

So the question is how to submit a site to all Major search engines. Actually there are three ways to submit a site. The first and the mot easiest way is to go to  and submit your site to all search engines instantly.

The other ways are given below.

Every search engine has two ways to submit your site, one is the simple way and second one is full proof online software called Webmaster Tool.

Submit your site to Google

  1. Way 1: – if you are not a webmaster then you can go through the following link: – add url to google.
  2. The second way is Google webmaster tool, where you can not only submit your site, you can also track your visitors, crawling errors and messages and many more things. submit site to google using google webmaster tool .
    you can also learn step by step guide to submit site to google using google webmaster tool.

Submit your site to Yahoo

Way 1: – Submit your site to by using submit URL to

Way 2: – after merger of yahoo and bing, the webmaster tool of bing is used to submit and track your website for both search engines. You can go through this way to bing webmaster tool.

Submit your site to Bing

Way one: – you can go through submit site to

Way Two: -as discussed above about Bing Webmaster Tool.

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it’s good for a website, if it’s get indexed in above search engines but remember one thing that all your website’s pages are coded and linked properly to get the maximum exposure from the search engines because if your site has any coding or linking problem then it may harm your site reputation is eyes of search engines.

But guys the work is not finish here because if you want to rank higher in search engines you have to optimize your website. You can also learn onpage optimization and off page optimization at our blog.

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