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A mobile app is available for almost everything we want and love to use them. Every now and then there is an updated version released on the app with added features. It is not only the mobile apps which are getting updated frequently. Even, the Operating System (OS) do get updated frequently; it is just that each one is owned by different companies.Chromebook has recently updated its operating system and it has the access to the Android apps. This fall, Google will be launching “Chromebooks” with access to the apps on the Play store. There are a few Chromebooks, which has the access to the Play Store already. Presently, the systems which they support are ASUS Chromebook Flip, Chromebook Pixel and the Acer Chromebook R11.

If, we want to use the Play store on our Chromebooks, they are a few necessities. The OS, which we have on our system should Chromebook OS version 53 or higher than that, and the update is available only with the channel. Unfortunately, the older version of Chromebook will not be able to access the Google Play Store. Even, if, we get the updated version of the Chromebook OS, all the Android apps may not work, the organization is still working on it.

The OS is growing rapidly and has surpassed the sale of Apple Macs, it is a huge achievement. Microsoft has recently announced that it will be collaborating with Google. They are planning to make the Android Office Apps to be compatible with the OS. If the company is successful in imbibing the Android compatibility, then it is a sure win.

These apps are available already on the Android platform; they are just a few days away from getting it ported to the Chrome OS. It is a fact that, the organizations are coming together to make the ends meet. But, on the flip side of the coin, we can say that they are also facing a competition with the rise in purchase of Windows laptops. If the company kept this collaboration off the site, then there would have been a tremendous growth in its own business.

Microsoft is focusing on designing the Office suite in such a way that it is accessible and compatible across different platforms. They are using the “Cloud First, Mobile First” approach to execute it. It is a fact that, these apps are already available on the prominent operating systems which are iOS, Android and Windows. Eventually, Chromebook has to be their next stop to launch their software.

Chromebook is in the beta testing phase for the Android apps to be working on it via the Google Play Store.  The Office Suite, which has been launched for the Chromebook user’s with display more than 10.1 inches need to have an Office 365 subscription. If they do not have the subscription then they may not be able to use the suite at all. This is not applicable to the users who have an ASUS Chromebook Flip; instead they have the complete access to the Suite for free.

All this while, the users with Chrome OS based notebooks were able to use the Microsoft Office Suite Online. It never had a dedicated Office Suite App in the past like it has for the other operating systems. Now, we can surely say that it is going to change this norm and bring the app for the Chromebook users as well. This change has made the users glad that finally they are getting what they have waited for, all these years.

This move has allowed the users to access hundreds of Android apps and Microsoft’s Office mobile apps are one among the apps which will be available for the users to download and use. Recently, the people who have tried to download this upgrade happened to face issues. There was an allegation made that the Microsoft was purposefully not allowing the access to the app.

The company has made a clear statement that, their Android app is available for use on the Chromebook OS. They are making efforts to get this working properly without any glitches. It has recognized the fact that there has been an increase in the sale of Chromebooks; it is the main that it has hooked up with Google. So, when people want to create documents, spread sheets and presentations, they are using the Office Mobile app.

Millions of people rely completely on the Microsoft Office tools in their daily life. They use it for their personal and professional use; it is a get relief to all the users of Chromebook, as it is finally available for them. The people who own an ASUS Chromebook Flip should be happy for the fact that they can use the Office for free. It is available for free just for viewing, the people for whom the app is a mandate, for them it is not a big issue.

The fact is that, only a few are compatible with the Chromebook OS and not all are compatible. It is good that they have made an initiative to make the Android apps available for the users. But, there are millions of apps available on the play store for us to use on a regular basis. Will it be good and appealing on a Chromebook OS?

Google says that, the apps will be able to interact with each other and create natural notifications. We can say that, a few apps may be best to be played on the Chromebook in fact. There are a few apps which have been designed in such a way that they are supported on the Chromebook after the update.

There are a few concerns from the users about the apps not compatible with other OS. People are able to install the play store onto their systems, but they are unable to install the Office Suite. The tech gigs are working on this issue and we can hope that there is a quick fix to this issue. They are well aware of the reality that everyone is excited about the fact of using the Android apps on their notebooks.

Unfortunately, the people who have updated the operating systems are unable to see any option which says “Android Apps”. They are all disappointed with this and can’t wait any longer to enjoy the apps. It is still in the testing phase, so we need to wait for a few more days. Once they find that everything is well and good, they will launch the update for all the models of Chromebooks.

Microsoft and Google’s partnering is going to yield a huge amount of profit from the business. If, Google could design the Android apps in such a way, that they are compatible across all the platforms. It is for sure that, it will reach the number one position in the sale of Notebooks. Both the companies have to even deal with the fact that, the sale of their devices are on the rise.

Google has to take a stand now, as the Windows devices sale is matched up with Chromebooks. Their partnership is to provide the best service to its customers as a single unit. If, we see them as two different organizations, they do hold their own uniqueness. But, this hooking up is just the beginning of a greater tomorrow.

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