How to Make a Lead Magnetic Facebook Campaign

Facebook ROI. What does that mean to you? Apart from new followers and fans. In addition to new clicks and shared messages. I would say Revenue – advertising purchases that come from Facebook.

How to Make a Lead Magnetic Facebook Campaign

A survey from last year showed that 60% of companies had never achieved a real ROI from their social media efforts. Most of the startups and well-established failed to boost leads and drive traffic from Facebook Advertisements. Why? Let’s find out:

Facebook Advertise: The New Reality

When Facebook went to the stock market, everyone wondered: “How can a company offer highly-valued services for free?”. Facebook has now given a clear answer to that.

On your Facebook timeline, you will no longer see the most recent content. Now, you only find the content Facebook wants you to see which is personally served to you by the new Facebook algorithm.

What Does That Mean For You As A Company?

The organic reach of posts on Facebook is in direct proportion to their share price. New Facebook algorithm makes your organic range smaller. So, not all of your followers see your Facebook posts today. If you are planning to use a serious social media strategy via Facebook, you will not be disappointed. You can use Facebook Advertisement to expand the reach of your post, improve traffic on your website, and boost the leads.

The Advantages Of Facebook Advertise

Fortunately, Facebook has an extensive advertisement system, where you can get a fairly easy return. The chance of wasting your money via Facebook advertising is pretty minimal. With a small budget, you can easily reach a large part of your target group. I am providing some practical tips that will help you come up with a result-driven Facebook campaign:

Facebook Pixel

Most marketers and startups aren’t using Facebook Pixel which is one of the most important tools of Facebook advertising. If your goal is to boost conversions on your website, you must consider using Facebook pixel. It is basically a piece of code that implements on your site and is connected to your Facebook ads in order to tell you which actions users take as a result of your ads. You can use it to track your return on investment, run more efficient ads, and understand the real value of your campaigns. I have already implemented Facebook Pixel on my website – Baymediasoft and achieved to target valuable audiences and measured return on investment effectively.

If you have installed Facebook Pixel, you can perform following activities with ease:

  • Lookalike Audiences / Similar Target Groups

The power of Facebook advertising is totally dependent on the data you put into it, especially when you use lookalike audiences. You can create lookalike audiences in a variety of ways and principle they can all work depending on your goal, there is not one right or wrong. A Lookalike audience can be seen as a list of Facebook profiles (which you cannot see) that are very similar to the data with which the comparable target group was created. You can create a similar target group based on e-mail addresses, likes, engagement on a certain video or on the basis of website traffic.

Lookalike Audiences / Similar Target Groups

How do you proceed?

You can create a comparable target group based on a customized target group. Therefore, it is important to first create a personalized group which can be selected on the basis of:

  • Customer file: A list of e-mail addresses.
  • Website traffic: Based on the data of the Facebook pixel.
  • App activity: Based on certain actions that people have taken in your app.
  • Engagement on Facebook: People who have looked at something from you on Facebook or, who have watched 75% of a video.

How do you proceed?

When You Choose The Option: Website Traffic, You Can Choose From A Number Of Options:

  • Anyone who visits your site: All visitors
  • People who visit specific web pages: here you can indicate that you only want to target people who have viewed the ‘about-us’ page or the thank you page.
  • People who visit specific web pages but not others: Only people who viewed the ‘about-us’ page, but not the thank you page.
  • People who have not visited in a certain amount of time: people who have not been on your site for a while.
  • Custom combination: The free choice to make everything you want and the ability to create a custom audience based on the data from the Facebook Pixel. If you’re going to create a similar audience based on the Facebook Pixel, choose the option ‘include’ for Event instead of URL. Then type the name of your Event (for example, Purchase). Now Facebook stops anyone who has bought something in a huge bucket and automatically searches for similarities in the field of interest, geography and for example gender. As you might understand, a larger target group is significantly better than a smaller target group, because Facebook can better understand what your perfect target group looks like.

Once you have created a custom target group, you can create a similar target group on this basis. With this, Facebook enlarges the adjusted target group using matching interests which ensures that your ideal target group is automatically created, where you can advertise.

target people

Go for Specific Targeting

The biggest mistake you can make when you advertise via Facebook Pixel is not specific enough to advertise. The power of advertising via Facebook is in the targeting options that you can set for your ads. Make sure you start small. Try not to reach more than 10,000 people initially which ensures that you force yourself to advertise as specifically as possible. For example, when I want to make an advertisement to ensure that as many people as possible subscribe to my newsletter. Then, I want to focus my advertisement specifically on young entrepreneurs with a fresh entrepreneurial spirit.

In this case, I would focus my ads on entrepreneurs in the age category 24-32. Then, if I want to advertise within a certain region, I choose a number of cities. Of course, my Facebook advertisement only wants to focus on the entrepreneurs who are interested in my services. So, I will choose interests very carefully. This way you know for sure that every dollar is spent on someone who could potentially be interested.

Go for Specific Targeting

Targeting Tip for Local Entrepreneurs: Carpet Bombing

The Carpet Bomb technique is a solution which has come across from America and is very interesting for local players who only want to address a particular area. You can think of: brokers, electricians or plumbers. Many local players who start advertising with Facebook make the mistake of trying to advertise as much as possible on Facebook which makes them get few impressions and clicks at a high cost. Fortunately, this is a solution or technique called carpet bombing which actually goes against the recommended guidelines of Facebook.

With carpet bombing, you do not advertise on the basis of interests, but on the basis of area. You proceed in the following way. In the first advertisement, for targeting options, you only choose an area, age and/or gender. Then, you show these people a video ad. It is cheaper than the super-targeted ads in this local market, this is because many starting Facebook advertisers try to fish in this pond.

The purpose of these ads is not to sell, but to build a custom audience list of people who are interested in your services. To do this, create a custom audience of people who have watched at least 75 %of your video. When you have a target audience that is large enough, you can show these people an ad with a special offer.

When you make a video for ‘carpet bombing’, it is very important that the video is not too long. Besides, it must have a call-to-action at the end of the video. However, making such a video does not have to be expensive, for example, slide-show videos work very well.

When you have made a video, it’s time to create an advertisement with an extremely good offer. The advertisement goal does not make much of a difference, but I advise to use the Facebook conversion goal. The results of this campaign depend heavily on how good your ad and landing page is. If you do not see results immediately, make sure that you have a distinctive advertisement and a fast landing page.

Start with 100 Dollars per month

Because you are targeting very specifically, your advertisements will also become cheaper. You have fewer clicks from people who are totally uninterested. In addition, you minimize the chance of miss-clicking. Start with a budget of $3.33 per day. Do not screw it until you notice that you get a positive ROI from your ad.

The budget can continue to increase until you see that the ROI on your ads is only decreasing. Make sure you choose the ‘pay per click option’. Never pay for impressions! When you choose to pay per impression, Facebook will try to show the ad to as many people as possible within your target group, but do not make any effort to ensure that these people click. With pay per impression, the chances are that people within your target group will see the advertisement twice.

Simple Advertisements

Facebook offers you all kinds of options. You can use multiple images in a carousel, giving you more room to advertise. You can also use a video advertisement. You don’t need to come up with fancy advertisements. Make sure your Facebook ad is simple yet eye-catchy. Make use of the simplest option: ‘an image or video’. Place one image with good text. The complicated advertising methods such as video and the carousel are much more like advertisements and generally have a lower click-through rate. Only use your own images! The stock photos that Facebook offers are fantastic, but the chance that people who have already encountered a hundred times are quite big. Take the draft recommendations seriously. Choose images which have good proportions and the right resolution. This way you can be sure that your ad always looks professional.

If your primary goal is to boost conversions on your business or ecommerce website, the Facebook pixel is an ideal option for you. By considering all the significant things mentioned-above, you will be able to come up a lead magnetic Facebook Campaign.

If you have any suggestion or query regarding Facebook campaign or digital marketing, feel free to comment below.

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