Luxury Interior Design Trends

top interior design firms in Dubai

Every year we see in the world of interiors, an exciting array of luxury design trends that emerge to freshen up our living spaces. Invite a different flavor of luxury and sophistication into the design of your homes by embracing a range of styles incorporated in your living, kitchen, bedroom, bath spaces with the best brands.

top interior design firms in Dubai

Luxury Interior Design Dubai

Interior design is about the way the fixtures, art, furniture and materials are placed aesthetically with style and functionality in your homes. If you are considering renovating your home, you can incorporate the latest luxury design trends by hiring top interior design firms in Dubai who provide excellent interior design services for your home. From flamboyant wall papers to patterned ceiling decor, from a moodier color palette, metallic, marble, to woven textures and greenery they will transform your space refreshingly different and modern.

Latest Luxury Interior Design Trends

Dark Natural Woods

You can create a bold statement with earthy tones and dark woods than with lighter shades or white palettes. In the past, many interior designs saw lighter woods but tastes are evolving towards a classic and timeless look. Using darker tones for your flooring, table and chairs and even cabinets will bring panache to any room. You can blend different tones and textures of wood to keep your décor interesting. Dark oak, mahogany, textured walnut pieces of furniture add depth to your living spaces. Modern living room furniture of dark wood combined with spectacular lighting ideas adds a touch of luxury.

Wooden Wall Panel

Reclaimed wood wall design in your dining room with upholstered chairs and metal pendant lights are a current luxury interior trend which creates a spacious, warm and comfortable feel.

Metal Furniture

For a classy elegant look, metal furniture using soft upholstery fabric adds luxury and radiance to your living spaces.


Leather and velvet remain the top choices. The popular fabric velvet is for your living room upholstery and for bedrooms it is upholstered leather headboards and quilted chairs. Leather furniture, handmade leather flowers, wall artworks are the modern stylish elements today.

Spa Bathrooms

People want a spa experience in their bathrooms and admittedly many want their bathroom spaces like a spa. Large Jacuzzi baths, all-one color tiles, earthy tones, minimalist accents are the trends to gain an exclusive experience of relaxation in your retreat.


Metallics known for their classic and timeless appeal have become a prominent choice. There is a shift from bright tones to more neutral, iridescent finishes. A move to brass and bronze is seen currently. Add brass, nickel, matte finish materials for a rich look to your rooms. Unpolished metals, vintage lights, metal fixtures give your room character and elegance.

Herringbone floors

Add a touch of glamour and sophistication with herringbone pattern floors – be it in wood or tiles. Textured rustic finishes add depth to your interiors.


To give your room a new lease of life, add fresh plants of vibrant designs and colors.


Beautiful marble terrazzo tiles are back again as these colorful tiles add an incredible edge to any room.

Statement ceilings

One of the innovative ways to transform your room is by keeping your wall in one color and making your ceiling a standout feature with wallpaper, tiling or painting.

Beauty of Bespoke

Contemporary design furniture reflecting the popular styles of present day design with qualities of modernism, minimalism and other global styles are in great demand in Dubai. Add a personal touch into your home with designed –to-order products from big brands from top interior design firms for your home. Brands with products that will never be out of style and you will be having something unique and tailored to your personal tastes.

Brands exhibiting fine craftsmanship, precision engineering, chic, aesthetic, state-of-the-art design like Poliform, Boca do lobo, Cappellini, Bellotti, Socci, HansGrohe, Kohler, Roca, Armani and many others for kitchen, bathroom and living room spaces of your home- can be personalized and will never go out of style.

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