How to Recover from a Down Business Facebook Page

facebook-marketingToday, more companies are beginning to see the positive aspects that Facebook marketing has brought. Because Facebook has been the top performing social media platform for online users, companies think their products and services can be easily picked up by people. However, not all companies deal with success during the first time around. If you are one of those companies who turned to Facebook for marketing purposes and didn’t succeed, don’t be ashamed because you’re not the only one. After all, we can always learn from our current downfalls or failures. If we choose to do something about it right now, it could be a simple obstacle obscuring our path to success. If you don’t have the right kind of Facebook marketing strategy, then this could be the biggest challenge yet. Consider adopting a strategy or two to boost your company’s Facebook marketing.


  1. Spend more time with your Facebook page

By this, we mean with your company’s Facebook page. Become more active by adding appropriate and unique content in the form of not just text but pictures, videos, contests or polls that will grab the attention of online users. The more your business comes up with cool posts, the more people will remember them and are likely to remember your brand. This is probably the most important Facebook marketing strategy that one can gather from reading this blog.


  1. Be seen at the right time

The content that you post should be uploaded during times when people are most likely to be online. The best times to post are during lunch breaks, after office hours, and Friday nights to Sunday evenings. When you post at the right time, your posts are most likely to be seen by people. If they enjoyed viewing it, the higher it is for them to respond to it by liking, commenting or even sharing it with others.


  1. Respond positively to both positive and negative comments

Saying thank you will get you a long way. Positive responses such as that or replying to each individual shows that the brand that you represent really cares about what ordinary people have to say. If you show a lot of respect for them, they’ll definitely return the favor. The saying that goes like “you can’t please everyone” is true. It is inevitable to come across netizens who say horrible things about your business. You might be tempted to say something negative to defend your part, but the best way to treat these bashers is to open fire with kindness. Some people say bad things to provoke a negative reaction from you, but once they can’t force it out of you, they are likely to leave you alone. If they’ve ranted about a horrible service experience, you can always start by saying “I apologize…”


If there’s one thing that you’ve learned from all this is that anything is possible with an open mind. So what if you encountered a down business Facebook page? It’s definitely not the end of the world. You can always choose to do something about it if you are serious in turning that around. At the end of the day, the most important thing is getting that Facebook marketing strategy to work for you and turning your brand into a successful one. It won’t work overnight, but if you choose to work on it, you can gradually see the results. We can assure you that Facebook marketing is here to stay and all your efforts will be all worth it.


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