How to make money from your Smartphone

Have you ever wondered????

That you can make money with your Smartphone in your spare time.

YES… You read it right…

You can make money from your Smartphone in your spare time with some simple trick and a bit of help from your family members and friends…

By these trick you can easily make $50 to $60 to $100 or even $200 or more in a month using your Smartphone.

Don’t you think that’s amazing…? Have you ever thought that you can make money from your Smartphone?

Don’t you always wanted to make some extra bucks to enjoy your life than you are doing at the moment.


I am here to help you make money from your Smartphone in your spare time with my easy to use tricks which I found out searching the Internet for 5-6 hours and applied and made $79 in my very first month using it.

NOTE: I only used it an hour a day that’s why my earnings are only $79 but that cool for me as I am making my living online working in my Pajamas and sometimes just in underwear’s..

SO without wasting time let’s get started.

Below I am going to share with you all a simple trick I used to make money from my Smartphone in my spare time.

1. First and foremost important step to make money from your Smartphone is to have a Smartphone like an android or windows phone.

2. Second step is to download and install Whatsapp or WeChat or Hike or any other similar app you like on your Smartphone.

3. Third step is to register on an URL shortening site name: You can register using Facebook or directly via your E-mail address.

NOTE: URL is the web address of any site like ex: – Google’s URL is ( or Facebook’s URL is (


4. Fourth step is Shorten an URL which you want to share. It can be anything your favorite content, pictures, videos, Movie links, Quotes, etc with your friends and family members by shortening the URL using

NOTE: pay you some money for every shortened URL promoted and clicked containing your ID which they provide.

5. Fifth step is to share the shortened URL with friends and family members who are having app’s like whatsapp, wechat, hike etc. You can also use the shortened URL and send direct SMS to their phones. I personally use whatsapp and wechat app as they are trending these day’s and all my friends and family members are having whatsapp in their phone’s and SMS seems like an old way. But you can use both or any of the two ways to promote your shortened links.

6. Sixth step is the step step in getting more clicks and making more via Key thing here is to share trending things like NEW songs, video’s, quotes, wallpapers, or anything you know your friends and family members will surely see.

NOTE: I personally used Honey Singh Songs and video’s, Sunny Leone pictures and wallpapers.

FIFA World Cup is coming so you can also use that to promote and make more from your links.

SOME facts about You need to Know

1. is an URL shortening website which pays you vertain amount of money for clicks you get on the links you promote via

2. pay less for clicks you get from India and other asian countries as compared to European countries like US, UK, Canada, etc

3. To make more money you need to have a good number of friends from foreign countries like US, UK, Canada, etc

4. Share as many links as you can especially with your foreign friends to make more money.

5. Increase your friend list if you want to make money money.

I have few family members and friends in US, Canada, Australia, Germany and Singapore which helps me make more money, But still 70% – 75% of my income is from India.

How much I made with

I came to know about it in late march this year and i am using it for touch more then 2 months now. I made $79.21  in April and $52.83 in May. I worked less in May as compared to April so earnings also a bit low in May Month from

I used to do this for just an hour a day and for that i made a combined of $132.04 which indeed not a bad 1 hour work income at all. You can do this according to your schedule.

I don’t have a long friend list neither i worked more on this trick due to my busy schedule, But now i am thinking to give more time to it also and I am also focusing on Increasing my friend list. Currently i have a friend list of 69 people.

Your earnings completely depends on you. How many friends you have and how many hours you can work on this trick will shape up your income. You can make $50, $60, $100 or $200 or even more just with your friend list and working hours.

Anyone can opt this trick and make money it does not matter whether you are a student or a housewife or a retired person or even a businessman. Anyone can use this trick and make money.


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