How to Improve SEO Rankings with Google Plus

google plus and seo ranking

Now a days web development companies are trying something more effective that can directly influence the SEO rankings. Google plus meets their requirements. While some social media sites like Facebook is playing only little tricks, Google plus do miracles for website rankings.

google plus and seo ranking

Why Google Plus Is Especially Important for SEO?

Google may deny any direct relationship between Google Plus content and activity, but at the same time, good SEO ranking sites have a strong relationship with Google + activity. Following are some factors that show why Google plus is important for SEO.

  • Google plus owns a valuable ranking and this is one of the huge factors that plays an important role in SEO.
  • Some links are dofollow and they help to improve the rankings. It means that when you will post something on the Google plus, it will get re-posted again and again. That’s where you become capable of earning multiple links to the same page.
  • Links from Google Plus get relevant anchor text. This is natural and will not spoil the SEO rankings.
  • Google plus is proficient in the Ultrafast indexing of all pages, which is a major advantage for SEO.

You can very well imagine the great SEO rankings through such Google plus advantages. If you haven’t come across Google plus yet, You should give it a try.

Tips to use Google plus

  • Its’ high time to do friendship with Google plus. Join it and participate in the race. It is very easy and free and doesn’t require any full-time cost. Once you join Google plus, start searching for the contact and acquaintances you already know. Join them to your circle and start following them. Read what they post, review it, share it and then start posting yourself.
  • Try using Google Authorship. It is an important feature service that helps your business stand out from the crowd. It protects your content as well as helps in SEO process. Your name appears in the search results once you post articles under your Google Authorship profile. This may not bring traffic, but it is very useful in building your online reputation.
  • Always post attractive content. It speaks louder without saying much. Low quality content only damages your reputation and eliminates your online presence. In social networks, it is very important to get noticed, therefore, it is highly advisable to post good content. Else, post nothing.
  • Focus more on ‘About’ page. It is the face of your company. If it appears uninteresting, every effort will go in vain.
  • Keep your presence alive. Social networking is not for boring people. It is an entertainment mode for the ones who love to communicate and willing to interact with the others. It is very important as it helps in building huge networks. It also helps in boosting your presence online.

Google Plus is a real jewel for SEO. Google plus has helped many sites achieve top rankings in search engine optimization. Its time for your website to hit the goal.

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