How to Export Facebook Phone Number ???

export number

Facebook is one of the most popular and amazing social networking sites for connecting with old friends, family and anyone else you care. It provides stupendous features and services to their users with the main aim to bestow its services with highly ruled privacy and security. It helps us to discover what’s going on in the world and to share and express what matters to them. It helps us to stay connected with your friends and family. For joining Facebook community the user has to register themselves by creating an account with the help of username and unique password. This will help them to create unique Facebook Id on Facebook and anyone can search for them with the same Facebook Id.

export number

While there are techniques that allow you to download all your FB data, including email addresses of your FB friends, one of the important things to know is that you can’t move out of Facebook is the phone book.

Many of your Facebook friends have shared their contact numbers on their FB profile and you’ll love to export them to your mobile phone’s address book but unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t give the option to do so. An inception of new Chrome extension “Facebook Friends Exporter”, lends a helping hand in performing this task successfully.

This Facebook Friends Exporter extension will allow you to export phone numbers, email addresses, and all other secondary email address as well. You can also import IM screen names and website URLs of your Facebook friends in a regular CSV file that you can rapidly import into Outlook, Gmail or any other address book. Alternatively, you may also select to import your Facebook friend details directly into Gmail Contacts without using the CSV option. For more information, you can directly contact FB helpdesk via mail as there is no official Facebook Customer Support Number.

Once you had completed the installation of the Facebook Friends Exporter extension in Chrome, you’ll see a new menu option called “Export Friends”. Press on that link and it will start analyzing the profile of all your FB friends one-by-one. If you face any issue regarding this then you can contact FB support team only by mail as there is no official Facebook Support Number. So, don’t be sad as there are many autonomous service providers which offer comprehensive support for FB.

It takes about 20-25 minutes to extract details of 100 friends. Moreover, FB doesn’t like if you visit more than 60 profile pages in under 60 minutes so this extension will automatically take a break for a while and then again start from where it left off.

The extension is very useful but you can use it at your own risk. Once details are available in a CSV file, you can bring it into Google Contacts and use the “Find Duplicates” option to unite the similar entries. This is the best tool to export contact from Facebook.

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