How an enterprise can use mobile apps to support or promote its business

use mobile apps to support or promote its business

The whole world now depends on smartphone apps; for communication, entertainment, and various other services. When looking from a consumer point of view, apps are the best channel to access everything online. But, are these same apps also profitable for businesses?

There has been a noticeable revolution in the smartphone world. It is led by the growing demands of smart devices and apps. Apps make these devices really smarter. Of course, the revolution is led by the demand, but then the demand increases because of the usefulness of these devices. Touch screen display, easy internet connectivity, information exchange and huge memory capacity have driven the whole world to prefer smartphones as the only computing screen for a lot of general tasks.

 use mobile apps to support or promote its business

The two largely used smartphone platforms are iOS and Android. Both are amazing and serving almost 99% of the market share. They both together have millions of apps, which have been downloaded billions of times from their online stores, namely Google Play (Android) and the APP Store (Apple).

Here are the ways mobile app can help you:

  • Spreading awareness

A mobile app can be a perfect tool for an organization, which needs spreading awareness for its business, product/ services, etc. Today, apps are used by millions of people in the world. They are comparably cheaper medium through which organizations can easily spread awareness among mass. A lot of organizations have created apps just to inform people about themselves.

  • Brand promotion

Apps are also the most active medium of marketing and promoting a brand. Regardless of what purpose an app is serving to, it stays there in the screens of users’ device and keeps reminding them about a specific brand. Every time users scrolling screen, the app icon helps them recalling the app.

  • Selling online

The e-commerce industry is using mobile apps to sell their products / services online. These apps called m-commerce apps or m-retail apps. Many companies in the e-commerce business have learned that by providing an m-commerce app, they provide customers a channel that they access to anytime they want to buy a product or service online.

  • Customer care

Many companies, who care a lot about their customers, have also brought in apps dedicated purely to customer care. These apps allow customers to easily reach customers care executive and get answers to various queries.

  • Interaction with employees / partners

Businesses looking for a secure way to interact with employees or partners are also choosing mobile applications so that they can rapidly transact information which helps employees or team members take decision on time. Timely take decision let business beat competitions and stay relevant as the ongoing market trends.

  • App as a product

There are companies, which are purely based on apps. These apps are, in fact, products and can be bought on subscription or single-time payment basis. Games, utility tools, guides & manuals, etc, are the apps created as a product. Many apps are generating revenue through advertisement.

This is how enterprises are using mobility in their business operations.

Author Bio. :- Sofia is the technical writer of Rapidsoft Technologies that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in mobile wallet app development, finance app development etc.

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