How advertising industry got transformed in last 10 years!!!

With the world going frenzy over digitization, the one industry, among many, that has witnessed major transformation is the advertising industry. The way of advertising and attracting people was under constant transformation since its birth, but the major impact that it faced in the last few years is due to digitization. People moving and getting attracted more and more to the virtual world, the advertisements were bound to keep pace to attract their attention. So let’s check out, how advertisement got transformed in the last decade.

1. Go mobile- Practically, majority of people today, spend highest hours of their free time in mobile. Therefore to catch hold of their attention, advertisement had to go into mobile phones. Mobile phones, today, is one of the major mediums for advertisement. It was estimated that in 2016, about $100 billions were to be spent on mobile ads worldwide, which is about 51% of the total expenditure in the digital market.

2. Data shows the way- With digitization, one of the many positive factors that have came upon, is data and analytics. Today, one can actually count and tabulate the reach, attention and recall that an advertisement is garnering. It helps in buget-making, and also clearly reflects what customers are actually consuming and what not. Based on the report, the further advertisement strategy can be laid which will make the endeavor all the more fruitful and generate highest return per rupee spent.

3. Bite-size content- People are busy today and consume content only in ziffy. So keeping your message short, crisp but attractive is advisable. These short and crisp communication which can be consumed in a mere glance or say quarter of a second are known as bite-size content in modern terminology.

4. Easy-to-buy- Long gone are the days when we used to see a hoarding of washing powder ad, remember its name and then go to the over-the-counter shop and buy it. Boss, time is important today and competition is high. Therefore advertising the product and making it available to buy go hand-in-hand. Most the time, the ads are accompanied with strong call-to-action buttons that takes them right to the online store and facilitate buying the product then and there.

5. Consumers are the new advertisers- This has been made easy with the advent of social media. Previously there was word-of-mouth which was more local and less expansive. Now its power-of-sharing. When one consumer is satisfied, s/he can share the news of the product with hundred more in his/her list by clicking a simple Share button. It not only spread the info but also allow a discussion forum. Therefore modern trend is to build a community and expose a product for discussion. Push-selling doesn’t work here.

With digitization, advertisement mediums have become vast but at the same time it calls for rigorous strategy and planning, otherwise it can lead to loss of money without reaping any significant result. Rely on the efficient advertising agencies who can offer you right mix of channels to advertise your product and brand and help you yield maximum benefit of your budget. Futurescape Advertising is one such place where we offer right channel mix and right creative to advertise your brand in the best possible way. Know more about us here:

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