Guerrilla Marketing-What and for whom?

Guerrilla Marketing by now is an old term in the glossary of marketing terms. However, in case you are not quite well-aware of it and its benefits and whom it suits the best, this article is for you. Therefore, happy reading.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Before proceeding with its meaning and definition, let me discuss a bit about its nomenclature. The word Guerrilla has been derived from the same sounding word used in warfare, i.e. guerrilla warfare. These are more irregular kind of wars where small strategies and tactics are used. More than concentrating on the rules and regulations of the warfare, they target to affect larger number of people with small resource.

Quite similar is Guerrilla Marketing. It is somewhat different than that of traditional advertising forms (though with time it will get its place in rulebook) and are devised to target and reach larger mass, may or may not be with small resource. In this form of marketing or advertising to be very precise, unconventation tactics are used to make people react to the communication rather than simply absorbing it. When people react to something that makes a permanent image in their minds and that’s what guerrilla marketing aims for.

History of Guerrilla Marketing

The term Guerrilla Marketing was first coined in 1984 by marketer Jay Conrad Levinson who introduced the term formally in his book “Guerrilla Marketing.” However, in India this format became popular not before early nineties. It was the time when the advertisers felt that consumers are no longer consuming advertisements in the traditional format i.e. written, pictorial, and aural message conveyed through print and broadcast mediums. They were finding new ways to make the brands register in the consumer minds. And it is then, guerrilla marketing found its way in Indian marketing world.

Who benefits with guerrilla marketing the most?

Well, by its format you can well understand that this format of advertising actually does hit the consumers making lasting impression and as such any brand can yield out benefits from it. However, for the established brand they are not that important in case they are aiming for brand awareness. But if you are looking to use the strategy for inducing new products, it can give them good result. But then again they are required to be careful so as to not go something gross that can hamper their established brand image.

Alternately guerrilla marketing can yield havoc result for the start-up companies. In smaller time they can reach and hit larger masses making themselves know or may be even popular.

Said all, I would like to share some great examples of guerrilla advertising here such that you can feel the fun to the fullest.

1. It is actually leading the travelers to sample and trial their watches while on go.


2. So which side you choose for your body to look like?


3. Pop in the product into the bag and pull the strings to close. Viola!! You get your desired waist measurement.


So you can see advertising is effective when it is fun. Therefore, it is important that who you are trusting with your brand. Choose your advertising agency wisely to yield out maximum benefit from the advertising campaign. Futurescape Advertising is one such place where your brand gets amplied and popular. Know more about us here:

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