Four Questions to Ask About an SEO Agency

If you want a fast SEO result without lifting a finger, the easiest probable thing you can do is to hire a fast SEO service provider. There are lots and lots of companies out there equally promising 100% guaranteed results. However, only a few remain true to their promise. Since you will not be in total control of the main process, you have to be very meticulous in choosing a provider. You have to screen the prospect companies well in order to achieve a desirable and fast SEO result. If you do not know how exactly to grab the best among the best, take time to check out these four questions that you must ask from the prospect SEO agency to avoid reaching messed up end results.


  1. Have you experienced working on a business similar to mine?

This is a direct query that can help you test the agency’s experience with regard to your specific niche. With this, you can further ask how that specific project turned out and if they were successful in meeting the previous’ clients expectations. If you have some SEO background, you may ask some more about the process they undertook to deliver a successful outcome for the said project. Although it doesn’t necessarily reflect that when one company has an experience on the SEO integration of your field, the other who has no experience is less capable. This doesn’t directly follow, but this is something that can pose a great impact.


  1. How has Search Engine Optimization transformed over the years?

This can test their knowledge on the evolution of SEO and can test how experienced they are and how updated they are with the latest SEO trends. In order to check the validity of their response, you can keep in mind some brief main concepts. First, Google’s SEO algorithm has been further enhanced to reward sites with high-quality links, and to penalize those with low-quality content and poorly- strategized link building process. Second, the mobile searches have been given an important SEO factor because of the high demand from mobile Google users. Also, the keyword focus has now been changed from short, conventional search terms to long-tail and more detailed keyword scopes.


  1. How soon can I start seeing positive results?

A good project manager will never overpromise (unless the task is as easy as ABC). If you detect agencies overly promising 100% natural and fast SEO results, then you must think twice of entrusting them your project. An ideal SEO agency is the type that under-promises and over-delivers. The ideal reply will generally be 4-6 months of early favorable results and 6-12 months of more significant outcome.

If one claims instant results for 2-3 months, be wary. You should understand that SEO is a long-term activity. It should be strategically planned to sustain long-term favors.


  1. What is the metric you are mainly using and how do you report results?

Look for the answer that does not solely base on delivering increased SERP ranking, higher volume of traffic, and more links built. They right SEO agency does not give its main focus on these aspects, instead look for one that talks chiefly about metrics directed towards increased generated leads, higher conversion rates, and top performance in sales. It’s also important to ask whether they give weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports. This way, you can know how dedicated they are in keeping you informed and you can verify if they live up to their promise.

These are the main things you can keep in mind when you’re in the selection stage of acquiring an SEO agency for your site’s online boost. Digest each step and be careful with every decision you make. Good luck and may your website reach its maximum productivity and profitability.


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