Choose The Perfect Air Quality Monitor For Your Family


Do we know where we live, or we still need someone to open our eyes. There is so much happening in this world, most of it, our mother Earth is degrading. All because of we human! We have stopped caring for our mother land and started caring of money and business. Due to industrialization and rapid construction there is huge destruction of trees that is taking place day by day. The tress that serves as a natural barrier for water, soil and wind when destroyed leaves nothing but the barren land behind. However, man in the hunger of success and power forgets that, we only are going to pay tomorrow for our carelessness today.

Choose The Perfect Air Quality Monitor For Your Family

As a natural component, our body can also resist the amount that is bearable for our mother Earth. So with time, our land and air gets polluted and destructed, our body will also face the same. Air is almost an 80% of man’s daily intake, so if the air gets polluted so do we. Any pollutant in air hazardously affecting our environment, will also affect our body too. Thus, the diseases like asthma, allergies, emphysema, throat and lung infection and chronic bronchitis has become so prominent today. Not only our respiratory tract but also our sensitive organs like heart and kidney also get majorly affected by air pollution around.

What are Air Pollutants?

The pollution of the air not only consists of the harmful gases from the industries but also pollen, dust, soil particles and natural gases that too in a quantity that is not bearable. According to the survey, it has been declared that the indoor pollution is more hazardous to the human body as compared to the outdoor pollution. You must be thinking why? As indoor we remain unexposed! However it is not so, due to the complete close construction of the buildings and houses there is always lack of ventilation that causes germs to trap and grow. Moreover, many of the toxic chemicals get released in air due to the household cleaning activities such as insect killers, hair spray, e-cigarettes, paintings, pats and many others.

Buy air quality monitor ‘Kaiterra’ in India

Every year in India, almost 1.2 million deaths take place due to air pollution and its effects. And indoor environment is more contaminated than the outdoor as the polluted air keeps on circulating in a poor ventilated house. Now this is time when we should accept that along with water purifiers we also need air quality monitor at our home to filter the air around. The air we breathe in in our indoor environment can easily damage our organs and affect our healthy life more adversely; therefore the best air quality monitor is the next big thing that we need to adapt.

Choose The Perfect Air Quality Monitor For Your Family

The best air quality monitor tells us the indoor and outdoor pollutants for a smarter and cleaner home and also keeps us informed for the healthier decisions for our indoor environment. If you care for your health them ‘kaiterra’ is only a few steps away to help you stay safe.

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