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Twitter is no doubt one of the best marketing platforms for businesses all over internet. However it is not uncommon for new twitter accounts to buy themselves some followers to help ease the growing pains that a new account often experiences. It can be quite a demoralizing feeling to log in and see “2 followers” when you are new, or even worse, to see your follower count reducing. Every follow is precious in those early days. For a reasonable price though, one can buy twitter followers and kick start that account’s follows into the hundreds or even thousands. Many of those followers may leave in the early days as they are not specifically targeted, but the job of creating an established twitter account has already been done.

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For businesses, this is an increasingly popular tactic. Now, if you are an already successful business and you launch a twitter account, chances are people will flock to follow you naturally and in a very timely fashion. However, for new businesses, twitter is actually going to be a means for generating publicity, awareness, traffic, and ultimately sales. Why slog it out trying to prove yourself and let people be put off by your lack of followers, when you can just buy twitter followers, and say “Hey look, we’ve got thousands of followers, chances are we know what we are talking about”?

Of course, you are probably thinking that it is better to have natural, organic followers that have seen your previous tweets and decided they like what you have to offer. Ultimately you would be correct, but it can sometimes be a chicken and egg situation. Getting followers leads to more followers, and if you have nobody following you, how can you get the exposure required to get more traffic and SEO Company in Los Angeles. Are Bought Twitter Followers Real? Yes they are, mostly. Some companies do perform shady practices and offer fake, inactive, or “bot” accounts to follow you, but it is also easy to find companies or individuals who will provide you with real followers.

Will They Stay? Well that all comes down to you. Some of them are going to think “who is this person?” and if you are spamming away then they will likely leave you, but if you have something of value to add to twitter, or some genuine advice, products, information that you want to share, then your newly purchased followers might well take note. Think of buying twitter followers as buying adverts, it is up to how well you perform to determine whether or not those adverts are short-lived or long lasting. It is very easy, affordable, and quick to buy twitter followers, you could have a few hundred or thousand extra followers with the click of a button and a struggling account can be the hot new kid in town in no time. If you are adding value to twitter too, this could become a very good move.

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