Big data is Helping Us to Get Rid of Dearth


Today the amount of data is increasing day by day and big data with time is becoming a better and bigger platform. With the enlargement of big data technologies even in the developing countries, the demand of manpower needed to work on big data technologies is growing fast. So with the growth of this technology, the openings for new job profiles like data scientists, data analysts, data architects are in the flow.  As employment in any developing countries increases, its poverty level gradually goes down.


In the developed countries, the mobile phone is an ordinary device for people. But in the developing countries like India, Nepal and Myanmar the mobile is the only means of using the internet for the poor people. About 78 percent of the internet traffic is the mobile users only. These poor countries can use the data generated by the mobiles to find out needs and give facilities to the poor masses. They can also use these data to avoid disaster for the well-being of the people.

Big data provides the opportunity to foresee food famines, by making use of factors like climate, migrations, drought, market prices, and changes in the seasons of the year etc. By analyzing all the climatic changes Big data analytics let us know if any natural calamity is going to come in the near future so that people can take preventive measures in order to stay safe. This saves a lot of economy of the country from getting destroyed.

The phone call details put up a large amount of data which up shots when analyzed well. People are crazy behind social media today accumulating large data files which can be used to remove poverty and raise their standard of living.

Big data allows the delivery of the medicines at the right time, which really saves a lot of lives.

call detail record (CDR) is an information documentation formed by a cellular phone exchange that records the details of a telephone call, text messages, voice messages, etc. CDR helps in determining the mapping of the slum’s sanitation and as a result, better toilet facility can be given to the Slum population.
As Big data is helping to fight poverty, so the governments of the poor countries should encourage the growth of technical infrastructure and arrange hackathons in order to find new ways out for the removal of poverty.

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